Top 15 Ultimate Countdown of "Get Out And Stay Out" Perfs from 9 To 5

Last updated January 19th, 2021 by BroadwayBox Staff
Top 15 Ultimate Countdown of "Get Out And Stay Out" Perfs f…

Photo by Emilio Madrid

Ms. Dolly Parton is turning 75 years young on January 19, 2021.

This effervescent country music superstar bestowed Broadway 12 years ago with the score to the musical theatre adaptation of the 1980 film 9 to 5.

Within that sunshiney score, in Act 2 the character of Judy Bernly (introduced on Broadway by Stephanie J. Block) stops the show with her 11 o'clock number / anthem / declaration "Get Out And Stay Out." Dolly herself put the song on her album "Better Day" in 2011.

Well, we are also "unfettered and unbound" by these top 15 covers of this Dolly Parton Broadway showstopper. Get ready for some super singing!

15. Erica Aubrey

Mournful TO Happily Ever After

14. Jessica McCuish

Woeful TO Overjoyed and Belting About It

13. Maddy Trumble

Modern Day Heartbreak TO Joyous and Jubilant

12. Owen Claire Smith

Hold For Laughter on M&M's Line TO Emotional Realizations

11. Kristin Piacentile

Brokenhearted TO Option Up Belting

10. Brooke Papritz

Sassy businesswoman to Belting Like A Boss

9. Aja Baitey

Effortlessly Confident TO Award Worthy Vocals

8. Natalie Weiss

Whispers TO Unlimited Riffing

7. Samantha Pauly

Forlorn TO Verbal Sparring With A Smile

6. Mamie Parris

Brave TO Fierce Vibrato Queen

5. Eden Espinosa

Melancholy TO Over The Moon Outstanding

4. Lisa Howard

Prideful TO Standing Ovation Worthy Acting Beats

3. Bonnie Milligan

Devoted TO Brilliant Beltress

2. Meredith Zahn

"I'm not upset, I'm disappointed" TO Stratospheric Belting

1. Stephanie J. Block

Devastated TO Belting Heaven