Mean Girls Star Krystina Alabado Shares All Her Fetch Gretchen Wieners Costumes

Last updated October 3rd, 2019 by Krystina Alabado
Mean Girls Star Krystina Alabado Shares All Her Fetch Gretc…

With her fierce voice and killer comic timing, Krystina Alabado absolutely slays the role of Gretchen Wieners in the hit Broadway musical adaptation of Mean Girls

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Scroll on as BroadwayBox celebrates #MeanGirlsDay (AKA October 3) with Krystina Alabado as she offers us an in-depth look at all her fetch Gregg Barnes costume pieces.

“That’s Gretchen Wieners—she knows everything about everybody”

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This is my “Meet The Plastics” outfit for our first entrance as The Plastics! Gregg Barnes, our LEGENDARY costume designer, made me feel special and Plastic all the way with each of Gretchen’s outfits—including a different pair of heels, purse, earrings, and jewelry for each one! So, look close!!

“On Wednesdays…”

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It’s Wednesday and we wear pink! This is my pink day look! Love an off the shoulder moment, and please notice the details of my favorite skirt I wear in the show, a kitty sitting on a pillow! Also, these shoes are amazing but not meant for jumping up and down in (yes, I JUMP HIGH in these…my feet will never be the same). My amazing dresser, Margiann, has to literally keep them from falling apart on the weekly. Gretchen would be that high maintenance, right? 

Happy Halloween!

Krystina Alabado-Gretchen-Mean Girls-Broadway-Gregg Barnes Costumes- Halloween-3

Next up my FAVORITE COSTUME I’ve maybe ever worn: it’s Halloween and Gretchen is being extra as usual! This is a custom catsuit specially made for each Gretchen. It takes two people to get me into this, and, if I eat a chipotle burrito before the show, I can’t breathe since it is an actual corset. That never stops me though!

Cherries & Ring Pops

Krystina Alabado-Gretchen-Mean Girls-Broadway-Gregg Barnes Costumes-4

Another fave lewk of mine as Gretchen—love the blue and red! The little baby sweater with the cherries is so sweet, and my little red purse may or may not have a ring pop in it. 

Cue “Rockin’ Around The Pole”

Krystina Alabado-Gretchen-Mean Girls-Broadway-Gregg Barnes Costumes-Christmas-5

It’s the North Shore High Talent Show! Such a moment from the movie, right?! This is another custom-made look, including the only LaDuca's a Plastic wears in the show, which are also custom-made! 

How Plastics Wear Sneakers

Krystina Alabado-Gretchen-Mean Girls-Broadway-Gregg Barnes Costumes-6

Ok, I would wear this outfit in real life! The matching jacket and skirt?? LOVE. And it’s the only time I get to wear sneakers in the show—a much-needed break for me—though don’t be fooled, they’re still heeled sneaks, I’m a Plastic after all!

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“Hello, you’ve reached Gretchen’s purse phone”

Krystina Alabado-Gretchen-Mean Girls-Broadway-Gregg Barnes Costumes-7

We’ve made it to Act 2! Wig change (give me that Ariana palm tree moment!) and wedges (THANK GOD). Notice the phone purse, which ACTUALLY WORKS. You plug the phone into your iPhone and can actually talk on it! My wedges are little cars! 

House Party!

Krystina Alabado-Gretchen-Mean Girls-Broadway-Gregg Barnes Costumes-8

Denim jumpsuit with matching denim choker and heels—again, just Gretchen Wieners being Gretchen Wieners. This is my “party” look, and how could it not be?!

Taco Truck Wedges for the Win

Krystina Alabado-Gretchen-Mean Girls-Broadway-Gregg Barnes Costumes-9

We’ve made it to when all hell breaks loose and The Burn Book is leaked! This moment is brought to you by a cute necktie and taco truck wedges—yes, TACO TRUCKS! My fave shoes of the show. 

Blink & You’ll Miss It!

Krystina Alabado-Gretchen-Mean Girls-Broadway-Gregg Barnes Costumes-10

My quickest change of the show and fastest costume moment. For a mere cross of the stage, I get to wear this baller jacket and cutie dress. 

Spring Fling Queen

Krystina Alabado-Gretchen-Mean Girls-Broadway-Gregg Barnes Costumes-Spring Fling-11

And finally, it’s the Spring Fling dance!!! Who’s gonna win Spring Fling Queen? Gretchen sure wants it, as you can see from her teal lewk, mismatched (on purpose, duh!) sparkly earrings, drop necklace, and bejeweled headband. 

Hope you had fun seeing what I wear as Gretchen Wieners! I’d like to praise Gregg Barnes for the magic he dresses Broadway in and my dresser, Margiann, for being the greatest dresser ever. 

Head over to Broadway’s August Wilson Theatre to see Krystina Alabado as Gretchen Wieners in ‘Mean Girls’.