11 WICKED Elphabas & "The Wizard and I"'s Revisited!

Last updated July 15th, 2020 by BroadwayBox Staff
11 WICKED Elphabas & "The Wizard and I"'s Revisited!

As we previously reported, Shoshana Bean recently held a virtual benefit for her alma mater Beaverton High School's Performing Arts Department. Once Shoshana made this Instagram post, musical theatre fans by the thousands liked this preview for a gathering of the Elphabas.

11. Elphabas. From Wicked. In One Performance! To watch the concert in full, visit this page. The benefit concert seamlessly brought together by Beaverton High School students and musical theatre mainstays like Jeremy Jordan, Caitlin Houlihan, Charity Angel Dawson and Shoshana herself! Beginning the entire evening's festivities was this magical three minutes and twenty-six seconds:

Seeing these 11 fantastic Ozian stars made us want to revisit more of their gravity defying performances. We've previously collected performances of Elphaba's other showstopper "The Wizard and I". But wait, there's more! We've gathered 11 DIFFERENT clips (in order of this recent "Defying Gravity" appearance) of this incredible Stephen Schwartz number.

Enjoy and if you are able to donate, learn more about Shoshana's recent benefit here.

Shoshana Bean

Eden Espinosa

Stephanie J. Block

Alexia Khadime

Julia Murney

Lindsay Mendez

Lindsay Pearce

Rachel Tucker

Jessica Vosk

Idina Menzel

Kerry Ellis

For more on Shoshana Bean's benefit for Beaverton High School, visit Shoshana's YouTube Page.