13 Talented Peggy Schuylers of HAMILTON. Work!

Last updated July 1st, 2020 by BroadwayBox Staff
13 Talented Peggy Schuylers of HAMILTON. Work!

Photo by Joan Marcus

When you think of Hamilton's amazing song "The Schuyler Sisters" - what is the first lyric that comes to your mind?

Miss Peggy Schuyler has been played in Hamilton by some of the most talented women in musical theatre right now. As audiences will see in the show's Disney+ premiere this Friday, the actress portraying Peggy, Jasmine Cephas Jones in her Broadway debut, also portrays Maria Reynolds. This actress' track and ultimately superpower is that not only do they have one of the show's most iconic lines in the show but she is the only actress playing two characters like three of her fellow male principal cast members. Work!

Take a moment to discover some outstanding performances by the incredible actresses that have stepped into Peggy Schuyler's shoes across the United States with sisters Angelica and Eliza in awesome three part harmony.

Isa Briones

HamilCast: Angelica Tour

Darilyn Castillo

HamilCast: And Peggy Tour Original Cast

Ashley De La Rosa

HamilCast: And Peggy Tour

Alysha Deslorieux

HamilCast: Broadway

Amber Iman

HamilCast: Angelica Tour Original Cast

Jasmine Cephas Jones

HamilCast: Broadway Original Cast

Joanna A. Jones

HamilCast: Broadway

Taylor Iman Jones

HamilCast: Eliza Tour

Elizabeth Judd

HamilCast: Broadway

Olivia Puckett

HamilCast: Angelica Tour

Nyla Sostre

HamilCast: Philip Tour

Samantha Marie Ware

HamilCast: Eliza Tour

Aubin Wise

HamilCast: Eliza Tour

Tune into Hamilton on Disney+ beginning Friday, July 3rd.