Get Ready for a Ham4Ham Rewind Twitter Marathon!

Last updated July 1st, 2020 by BroadwayBox Staff
Get Ready for a Ham4Ham Rewind Twitter Marathon!

Broadway and theatre fans alike know that even before Hamilton hit Broadway, it was one of the hottest tickets in town. One of the few ways to acquire a ticket to the historic Broadway musical at the beginning of the show's run was via its in person ticket lottery offering $10 tickets in honor of the $10 Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton.

This lottery was not only a chance to win tickets to the show, but also a 3 - 5 minute show that preceded the lottery draw. After Lin-Manuel Miranda left the show and passed along his hosting duties to his fellow cast members, he tweeted the advice he shared to them about the structure of these special events:

In honor of Hamilton's premiere on Disney+ beginning Friday July 3rd, what better way to prepare then to rewind back to these incredible mini performances specifically highlighting the incredible company of performers at the Richard Rodgers Theatre, home to Broadway's Hamilton. Beginning at midnight July 2nd, at 10 minutes past each hour (likewise in honor of the $10 Founding Father A. Ham), we'll be spotlighting some of these magical performances on our Twitter page.

You'll see future cast members of the national tour and sit down productions. You'll see reunions. You'll see some outstanding role swapping. It will be a lot of fun!

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