The Big Fish Cast Recording Is Magical! Reacting in GIFS to the Album

Last updated February 14th, 2014 by Josh Ferri
The Big Fish Cast Recording Is Magical! Reacting in GIFS to…

Broadway Records recently released the cast recording of the short-lived Broadway show Big Fish, and we’re happy to report that the album is just as magical as the musical was. You can get your copy now on Amazon or in-stores. Below, BroadwayBox reacts to the first time we listened and heard Norbert Leo Butz, Kate Baldwin and the company perform each song.

1. Prologue

GIF- 1
Let's do this thing.

2. Be The Hero (Norbert Leo Butz & Company)

GIf - 2
Makes me want to dance.

3. The Witch (Ciara Renee/Norbert Leo Butz & Company)


4. Stranger (Bobby Steggert)


5. Two Men in My Life (Kate Baldwin)

Oh, that's pretty.

6. Out There On the Road (Norbert Leo Butz & Company)

GIf 6
This is a little bit country.

7. Little Lamb From Alabama (Kate Baldwin/Robin Campbell/Lara Seibert)

GIf 7

8. Time Stops (Norbert Leo Butz & Kate Baldwin)

Gif 8

9. Close To Her (Brad Oscar/Norbert Leo Butz/Company)

Gif 9
Makes you want to tap dance.

10. Daffodils (Norbert Leo Butz & Kate Baldwin)

Gif 10
This album is really good. An instant classic among cast recordings.

11. Red, White and True (Kate Baldwin & Company)

GIF 11
Such a throwback!

12. Fight the Dragons (Norbert Leo Butz)

GIF 12

13. Showdown (Bobby Steggert/Norbert Leo Butz/Company)

GIf 13
This scene works even better on the recording.

14. I Don’t Need a Roof (Kate Baldwin)

GIf 14

15. Start Over (Ben Crawford, Norbert Leo Butz & Company)

Gif 15
Ben Crawford has such a cool voice. Wow.

16. What’s Next (Bobby Steggert/Norbert Leo Butz/Company)

Gif 16

17. How It Ends (Norbert Leo Butz)

Gif 17
Norbert is simply the best.

18. The Procession (Company)

Gif 18
Just let this one wash over you.

19. Be The Hero- Reprise (Bobby Steggert)

Gif 19

20. The River Between Us(Bobby Steggert/Norbert Leo Butz)

Gif 20
Cool bonus track and great overall album.