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Chicago Star Paige Davis Takes On Seven Questions about the 1920s & The Windy City

Last updated March 27th, 2015 by Paige Davis
Chicago Star Paige Davis Takes On Seven Questions about the…

That funny honey Paige Davis returns to Broadway’s second-longest running musical Chicago as the killer chorine Roxie Hart for four weeks only! (Clear the calendar, she’s only there from March 30 – April 27.) Below, the author and well-loved television personality talks to us about the Karashian spirit inside Roxie Hart, the Annie Lennox tune that gets her ready to take the stage & the Windy City vs. the Big Apple.

1. If I were going to get a tattoo of a Chicago lyric, it would be:
Almost impossible to narrow that down to one choice. OMG. Let's see. Probably "Hotcha Whoopee Jazz" or "Oooh, I love my life" or "The name on everybody's lips."

Paige Davis- Roxie Hart

2. My favorite memory I’ve had in the actual Windy City is:
I have incredible memories of Chicago, even one involving Chicago, the musical. In 1996 Patrick and I were playing Chicago with the national tour of Beauty and the Beast. At the same time Chicago, the musical was in town. One afternoon, when Patrick and I were walking by their theater he remarked to me how cool it'd be if I were in Chicago one day. He thought it'd be a great show for me. When I first joined the family of Chicago, the musical, it was as part of the tour which had, at the time, returned to the city of Chicago. The card Patrick sent with my opening night flowers said, "Just think, we were in Chicago talking about how cool it'd be if you were in Chicago, and now you're in Chicago in Chicago." (Did ya follow all that?)

Patrick Page & Paige Davis

3. Look or fashion from 1920s I wish I rocked now:
I love all the fashion from the 20's. Come to think of it, why don't I rock the 20's look more often? Hmmm?

Gatsby GIF

4. 1920s Hollywood starlet I live for:
I based some of "Roxie" on Clara Bow—“We had individuality. We did as we pleased. We stayed up late. We dressed the way we wanted.” But I have always admired Lillian Gish—“I think the things that are necessary in my profession are these: Taste, Talent and Tenacity. I think I have had a little of all three.”

Clara Bow & Lillian Gish

5. If I had to describe who Roxie Hart is in a single hashtag:

#KillerKardashian- Paige Davis- Broadway- Roxie Hart- Chicago

6. Chicago deep-dish pizza or New York pizza?
Puh-lease. No contest. New York all the way. I'm offended by the question. LOL.

Pizza GIF

7. Song I listen to that gets me in the Roxie Hart mindset:
“Keep Young and Beautiful” (cover by Annie Lennox).

Do not miss Paige Davis’ limited four-week run as Roxie Hart in Broadway’s Chicago, through April 27 at the Ambassador Theatre.