Let Your Favorite Will & Grace Characters Navigate Your BroadwayCon Experience

Last updated January 20th, 2017 by Josh Ferri
Let Your Favorite Will & Grace Characters Navigate Your Bro…

BroadwayCon is right around the corner, and as the event’s preferred ticket vendor for Broadway shows, BBox is excited AF for the weekend-long theatre nerd nirvana. Another thing we’re losing our minds over right now is the Will & Grace revival on NBC.

So we decided to combine our two current obsessions and provide you with a guide to BroadwayCon’s hottest panels based on which Will & Grace character would be most excited for each.

Will Truman

Will Truman GIF- Laughing GIF

BroadwayCon Event: Legacy Roles (1/27 at 10 AM)
Why: Will is the true theatre nerd with a rich love of history. He would find a way to bring this panel into brunch conversation for weeks to come.

BroadwayCon Event: Being Out on Broadway (1/28 at 4 PM)
Why: This is legit Will Truman 101. Just don’t give him the mic during the audience Q&A.

BroadwayCon Event: Ragtime: Then and Now (1/27 at 10 AM)
Why: He loved the book; he wore out the cast recording; he proudly considers himself a Mother with strong Sarah undertones.

Grace Adler

BroadwayCon Event: Song Interpretation Workshop with Rebecca Luker (1/27 at 10 AM)
Why: There is no way Grace Adler would pass up the opportunity to sing her heart out for one of Broadway’s most beloved sopranos.

BroadwayCon Event: The World Inside a Frame: Broadway Photographers (1/29 at 11 AM)
Why: A celebrated interior designer, this panel about creating memorable imagery would speak to Grace’s creative side in a way no other panel would.

BroadwayCon Event: The Art of Perseverance with Melissa Errico (1/27 at 11 AM)
Why: Grace is a woman running a business in New York and a soprano who yearns for more…these are her people.

Jack McFarland

BroadwayCon Event: Cabaret And the Next Generation of Artists (1/27 at 2 PM)
Why: By panel’s end, Jack McFarland would have Jennifer Tepper booking Just Jack 2017 for a week at 54 Below.

BroadwayCon Event: Born to Boogie: Broadway’s Choreographers (1/29 at 10 AM)
Why: Because as a true fan will recall, Jack considers himself a dancer first and foremost.

BroadwayCon Event: Long, Straight, Curly, Fuzzy: Wigs and Hair Design (1/28 at 11 AM)
Why: Here, Jack would hope to learn more about (and possibly even unveil) his Broadway diva wig collection.

Will and Grace GIF- Jack Gif- Patti LuPone GIF

Karen Walker

BroadwayCon Event: Annie 40-Year Reunion (1/27 at 8 PM)
Why: A musical about a mean drunk who terrifies to a plucky redhead and dreams of “Easy Street”, how could Karen Walker resist that?

BroadwayCon Event: They Stole the Show! Character Actors (1/29 at 3 PM)
Why: Obvi.

BroadwayCon Event: Women in the World of Sondheim (1/27 at 2:30 PM)
Why: Like Ms. Walker, Sondheim’s greatest characters are rich, boozy, morally corrupt, and a little crazy.

Rosario Salazar

Will & Grace GIF- Rosario GIF- Deplorables GIF

BroadwayCon Event: Thank You, Five! A Stage Management Panel (1/27 at 10 AM)
Why: If anyone needs a panel about keeping a crazy cast of characters in line, it’s Rosario.

Beverley Leslie

Beverly Leslie GIF- Will and Grace GIf

BroadwayCon Event: BroadwayCon Feud (1/28 at 10 AM)
Why: Karen’s archenemy and social revival might be confused by the title and think it’s about great Broadway feuds….then he’d stay and ogle at Darren Criss & James Snyder with his business associate, Benji.

Bobbi Adler

Debbie Reynolds GIF- Will and Grace GIF

BroadwayCon Event: I’m Still Here (1/28 at 2 PM)
Why: Grace’s mother (played by the late, great Debbie Reynolds) was a show business war horse and this panel would be worth the train ride in from Schenectady for her.

Rob & Ellen

Rob and Ellen GIF- Will and GRace

BroadwayCon Event: Everyone’s a Critic (1/28 at 3 PM)
Why: Will and Grace’s suburban friends from Jersey do love to complain and critique, especially Ellen.

Larry & Joe


BroadwayCon Event: So You’re Nominated For Your Broadway Debut (1/27 at 12 PM)
Why: You really never know what these two are into, and I thought this panel was interesting and wanted to include, so.

Anastasia Beaverhausen

BroadwayCon Event: Lesli Margherita Variety Hour (1/28 at 6 PM)
Why: As her famed alias, Karen Walker would want to check out the brassy broad with killer hair extensions and endless energy.

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