Take a Moment, Turn Up the Volume, & Listen to This INSANE "I'm a Woman" from Concert for America

Last updated January 23rd, 2017 by Josh Ferri
Take a Moment, Turn Up the Volume, & Listen to This INSANE …

Stars from stage and screen came together at New York's Town Hall on January 20 for the inaugural Concert for America: Stand Up, Sing Out!, a new monthly series that will raise awareness and money for national organizations dedicated to protecting civil rights, women’s health and environmental protection.

Concert for America

The concert received several standing ovations from the crowd, but here in our office, we gave a mid-afternoon standing ovation to Broadway's badass ladies Julia Murney, Caissie Levy, Anika Larsen, and Shayna Steele as they slayed the Smokey Joe's Cafe showstopper "I'm a Woman". Buckle up for all the belting, and free your hands now so you can snap and wave.

Here are 11 reactions we had to hearing these ladies.

When Julia Murney started.

Kenya Yas GIF

The moment I gave my first praise hand

Julia Murney GIF- Woman GIF

:44 seconds in when I saw Caissie Levy was not here to play

Kandi Well Damn GIF

Which quickly became

Bow down GIF

Anika Larsen was giving me all kinds of life

Anika Larsen GIF- Woman GIF

Me at 1:45 no filter

She did that GIF

Then Shayna Steele comes in at 1:56

Yas Queen- Broad City- Alana GIF

*Snapping* *Finger waving* *Praise hand*

Shayna Steele GIF- I Can make a man out of you GIF

When all four ladies come together at 2:18

Let our powers combine GIF- Captain Planet GIF

Me playing 2:35 through the end on repeat for the last 20 minutes

Sister Act GIF- Dancing GIF-

And scene. PS: I need oxygen.

I'm a woman GIF- Concert for America

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