Hair: The American Tribal Love Rock Musical , The YouTube All-Stars Edition

Last updated January 19th, 2017 by BroadwayBox Staff
Hair: The American Tribal Love Rock Musical , The YouTube A…

The groundbreaking, Tony Award-winning musical Hair: The American Tribal Love Rock Musical celebrates its 50th anniversary on October 25 with an all-star concert presented by The Public Theater (the birthplace of the show). Now turn off and turn on to hippie life with this best of YouTube edition cast album.

"Aquarius" (Patina Miller & the Public Theater Park Cast)

"Donna" (Drew Sarich)

"Hashish" (Tufts University)

"Sodomy" (Rod Keller & the Los Angeles Reprise! Cast)

"Colored Spade" (Elinor Famutimi & Theater Mitu Cast)

"Manchester England" (Joan Vázquez & Barcelona Cast)

"Ain't Got No" (Nina Simone)

"I Believe in Love" (Shoshana Bean)

"Air" (Kacie Sheik—true, no video, but this is the only version)

"Initials [L.B.J.]" (California State University)

"I Got Life" (Gavin Creel & 2009 B'way Revival Cast)

"Going Down" (Gavin Creel at the Actors Fund)

"Hair" (Raúl Esparza & Actors Fund Company)

"My Conviction" (Joey Saffren at Texas State University)

"Easy to Be Hard" (Cheryl Barnes & Caissie Levy—couldn't choose just one)

"Don't Put It Down" (Cultural Arts Playhouse Cast)

"Frank Mills" (Annie Golden at the Actors Fund)

"Be-In [Hare Krishna]" (Tufts University)

"Where Do I Go?" (Jay Armstrong Johnson)

"Electric Blues" (Alameda Civic Light Opera)

"Black Boys" (Arizona Theatre Company)

"White Boys" (Sasha Allen)

"Walking in Space" (Theater Mitu at NYU)

"Yes, I's Finished/Abie Baby" (Unknown Production)

"Three-Five-Zero-Zero" (Hollywood Bowl Cast)

"What a Piece of Work Is Man" (Croatian Cast)

"Good Morning Starshine" (Caissie Levy)

"The Flesh Failures (Let the Sunshine In)" (Original Broadway Cast)