Seven Questions about Day-Drinking, Working Out, & Dating with Mope Director RJ Tolan

Last updated January 26th, 2017 by Josh Ferri
Seven Questions about Day-Drinking, Working Out, & Dating w…

Ensemble Studio Theatre has an off-Broadway hit on their hands as their new dark comedy about the porn industry, Mope

, extends again through February 19. RJ Tolan, co-artistic director of EST/YoungBlood Program and EST Ensemble Artist, directs the piece. BroadwayBox caught up with Tolan to have him answer seven questions inspired by Mope.

1. Best thing to eat on a road trip?
I would say the habanero bugles.


2. When you’re in full beast mode, what’s your workout like?
Oh god, struggling around the eighth lap at the Park Slope Armory Y.

The Y

3. Tell me about your last weird date:
A couple years after college, I went with a girl I had a crush on throughout all of college to see a friend's improv show, and we realized we had absolutely no chemistry and nothing in common. About 15 minutes in, we both were like, 'Wow, this doesn’t work at all.' It was deeply disappointing to my undergraduate aspirations.

Awkward GIF

4. When’s the last time you took shots midday?
Definitely during tech.

Shots GIF

5. Do you have a party trick?
Being right about everything I decide to talk about.

Bartlett GIF

6. What’s your go-to meal or signature dish?
It’s changed a lot over the years. I do a linguine with a fresh tomato basil sauce.


7. What do you hear most from people after they see Mope?
Mostly they are mad at me because they are upset about it—they find it very upsetting. Also, I get a lot of people saying, “Whoa!”

Whoa GIF- Joey-

You only have until February 19 to Mope at the Ensemble Studio Theatre.