The Incredible Waiters of Broadway's Hello, Dolly! Reveal Their All-Time Favorite Bernadette Peters Video Performances

Last updated April 12th, 2018 by Josh Ferri
The Incredible Waiters of Broadway's Hello, Dolly! Reveal T…

One of the greatest moments you can see live on Broadway right now is the title number of the Tony-winning revival of Hello, Dolly!

. Hot off the heels of the extraordinary, athletic dance number "The Waiters' Gallop", two-time Tony Award winner Bernadette Peters descends the grand staircase and pandemonium ensues. The joy of seeing the legendary stage performer surrounded by some of the most talented, hard-working male dancers in New York is something that can only be experienced IRL.
Bernadette Peters- Hello Dolly- Musical- Broadway
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BroadwayBox asked some of these awe-inspiring gents who share the stage nightly with Bernadette to tell us what their ultimate clip of hers is and why they love it so. Scroll on to see what iconic moments and songs Justin Bowen, Giovanni Bonaventura, Michael Hartung, Giuseppe Bausilio, Ryan Worsing, and Richard Riaz Yoder chose.

Justin Bowen Picks “Send In the Clowns”

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The first time I ever got to see Bernadette live-in-person was as Desiree Armfeldt in A Little a Night Music. I don’t think I took a single breath during her performance of "Send in the Clowns". By the end of the song I was in a puddle tears. Bernadette has a vulnerability to her that is just astounding. Even as Dolly Levi—which some would say is largely comedic—she can break your heart without uttering a single word.

Giovanni Bonaventura Picks “Falling in Love with Love”

My favorite Bernadette video on YouTube is "Falling in Love with Love" from the Cinderella movie. I remember when I was younger watching the Cinderella movie with my family when ABC had Disney Sunday night movies and falling in love with Bernadette Peters! Her performance had such strength, elegance and charm. Plus she looked absolutely gorgeous!

Michael Hartung Picks “Not a Day Goes By”

First of all, it is hysterical to me that I’m scrolling through Bernadette videos right now. I used to do this in college with all my friends, just in awe of her (and surely making a drinking game out of it), so to watch these videos again now, while I’m working with her is surreal. Her rendition of "Not A Day Goes By" from Merrily We Roll Along takes the cake for me. The simplicity of it is stunning. The way Bernadette so skillfully lets the writing, both the music and the lyrics, convey the meaning and the heart of a song is mind blowing. It’s a masterclass in subtlety. If I didn’t have a show to do tonight, I would be taking a shot at 2:34. 


Giuseppe Bausilio Picks “Self Improvement”

Absolute favorite Bernadette Video. Reason: Have you seen the video? It’s EVERYTHING!!!!!


Ryan Worsing Picks “Not a Day Goes By”

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My all-time favorite YouTube performance of Bernadette is her rendition of “Not a Day Goes By” from Merrily We Roll Along at Stephen Sondheim’s 80th birthday celebration concert. It’s devastatingly perfect. I’ve heard this song a thousand times before and a thousand times since, but no version has ever held a candle to this. The way she simultaneously fortifies herself from the lyric and yet feels every painful word is a master class and wrecks me every time. 

Richard Riaz Yoder Picks “Unexpected Song”

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I think it’s so special to see a performer revisit a song later in life. She has the same spark she had before but seems freer and more refined in a way. She is just a marvel to me.

Don't miss these guys alongside Bernadette Peters in Hello, Dolly! at Broadway's Shubert Theatre.