Five Female Betrayals That Rocked Broadway Stages

Last updated May 22nd, 2017 by BroadwayBox Staff
Five Female Betrayals That Rocked Broadway Stages

This summer Shakespeare’s classic story of betrayal, Julius Caesar, gets a fresh, new spin in a production set in an all-female high school. The play runs June 21-July 8 at off-Broadway Access Theater Gallery Space and stars Alyssa May Gold as Brutus and Déa Julien as Julius Caesar.

Getting us in the betrayal state of mind, here are five female-on-female betrayals that rocked Broadway.

Madame Morrible/Elphaba in Wicked

Carole Kane Madame Morrible- Wicked GIF - Stephanie J Block Elphaba

Morrible starts out all innocent but soon she goes from mentor to manipulator and Elphie pays the ultimate price.

Veronica/Heather Chandler in Heathers

Veronica begins as just another one of Heather Chandler's many minions but then betrayal leads to murder.

Sonya/Natasha in The Great Comet

Sonya Great Comet Natasha GIF

Sonya gets jealous and worried for her favorite cousin and betrays her trust, destroys her runaway wedding, and leads to Natasha's ruin.

Roxie/Velma Chicago

Velma Chicago GIF

Roxie Hart steals Velma Kelly's entire courtroom shtick, her lawyer, and her trial date...but somehow they still manage to work together in the end.

The Dreams/Effie White Dreamgirls

Effie White is pushed out of the dreams without so much as a warning from her sisters in soul, Deena and Lorell. Hell, those two even rehearsed with her replacement, Michelle, behind her back. That's shade.

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