Top Four Reasons You Need To See Broadway’s Chicago This Week

Last updated March 5th, 2014 by Josh Ferri
Top Four Reasons You Need To See Broadway’s Chicago This We…

Chicago is the longest running revival in Broadway history and chances might be that you’ve already seen it, but take it from us, you’ve never seen it like this. Here are our top four reasons why you should visit Chicago at the Ambassador Theatre before week’s end.

1. Bebe Neuwirth Is Back

Chicago- Bebe

The production’s original Velma Kelly, Tony Award winner Bebe Neuwirth is back in Cook County Jail as Matron “Mama” Morton through March 9 only—hence the big hurry here. You may have missed her as Velma, but there’s absolutely no excuse to miss her delicious take on Mama.

2. Bianca Marroquín’s “Roxie”

Bianca Marroquín Chicago GIF

As Chicago’s leading lady Roxie Hart, Bianca Marroquín is everything you’d want and more; but when she performs her big solo number “Roxie,” she truly comes alive. She brings something to the song that we’ve never seen a Roxie do before and to describe it would ruin it…so just see it.

3. Christopher Fitzgerald Is the Ultimate Amos

Chris Fitzgerald- Chicago
Photo by Jeremy Daniel

Funny, touching and mesmerizing, Tony nominee Christopher Fitzgerald has unlocked the key to put-upon husband Amos Hart. It’s a revelation.

4. The Super-Hot Ensemble

Chicago- All That Jazz- GIF- 4

This sizzling ensemble of dancers is so hot, it makes you temporarily forget that this winter has dragged on for six months and it’s still not spring.

Chicago- All That Jazz- GIF- 2

Chicago- All That Jazz- GIF- 1

Chicago- All That Jazz- GIF- 3