They’ve Got Magic To Do Just For You(TUBE)! See Pippin’s Kyle Dean Massey & Ciara Renee In Action

Last updated March 4th, 2014 by Josh Ferri
They’ve Got Magic To Do Just For You(TUBE)! See Pippin’s Ky…
On April 1, the Tony Award-winning revival of Pippin will welcome two new stars: Broadway heartthrob Kyle Dean Massey (Next to Normal, Lucky Guy, Wicked) as Pippin and mega-talented newcomer Ciara Renee (Big Fish) as the Leading Player.
New Pippin Stars

While it’s hard to say goodbye to current stars Matthew James Thomas and Patina Miller, these two new headliners are getting theater fans super excited. Why you ask? Because these hot young stars can really sing—like the chill-inducing kind of singing. Need proof? Ladies first; take it away Ms. Ciara Renee.

“The Man That Got Away,” or eat your heart out Judy

If every great “Out Tonight” came together and made a baby, it would be this video

The grand finale: Ciara’s Big Fish showstopper. #Pipes

Now onto Broadway’s next Pippin the Great, Mr. Kyle Dean Massey. There are so many awesome videos of this matinee idol belting his face off, so we are going to limit it to amazing videos under 500 YouTube views.

Kyle Dean may be “Petrified” but you’d never know it from these soaring vocals

He’s “Still Standing” and we’re still watching…and chair dancing

Alright, you win. Here’s a little Gabe from Next to Normal