Meet Your New Crush: Aladdin Princess Courtney Reed

Last updated March 3rd, 2014 by Josh Ferri
Meet Your New Crush: Aladdin Princess Courtney Reed

Courtney Reed always dreamed of becoming a Disney princess, and now her ultimate wish has been granted. The strikingly beautiful Reed is giving a breakout performance as Princess Jasmine, the strong-willed daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah, in Disney’s new stage adaptation of the Oscar-winning film Aladdin. This week, Reed shares with BroadwayBox further princess fantasies, her style inspirations and the far away land she’d like to escape to.

1. The Disney romance I loved growing up was
Aladdin and Jasmine, of course!

2. If I were a princess, my first royal decree would be
I would create a new holiday called "Princess Day," where everyone would get to dress up like their favorite Disney princess and get free candy! Kind of like Halloween but better!

3. I describe my personal style as
Hobo-chic/girlie-ghetto/classic-classy (I like to switch it up) ;)-

4. The electronic I can’t live without is
My new Mini-Ipad! I'm obsessed.

5. When I younger, my dream was to be
To be a Disney Princess!!!

6. My celebrity crush is
It's a tie between Tom Welling and Michael Ealy.

7. My favorite thing to do on my day off is
Cuddle on the couch and watch Netflix.

8. The most-played album on my iPod is
Beyonce! Duh!

9. My favorite snack is
Apples and Peanut Butter

10. My dream vacation would take me to
It's a tie between Thailand and Greece!