Idol Worship: Rock of Ages' Kate Rockwell Shares Three Muses That Make Her Wanna Rock

Last updated March 4th, 2014 by Josh Ferri
Idol Worship: Rock of Ages' Kate Rockwell Shares Three Muse…

Part girl-next-door, part ‘80s-video-vixen, Kate Rockwell serves it any way you want it as leading lady Sherrie in Broadway’s Rock of Ages. A veteran of Bring It On, Legally Blonde, Hair and the Grease reality competition You’re The One That I Want, Rockwell is slaying audiences with her killer comedy bits and rafter-raising vocals. Below, she shares with us her inspiration bringing Sherrie to life at the Helen Hayes Theatre: friends, family and the fierce Olivia Pope.

“A performance that really inspires me lately is Kerry Washington's work as Olivia Pope on Scandal. I admire strong women who take life as it comes at them and keep on swinging, but still maintain their femininity. Her ferocity in that role is really motivating to me.

My best friend Vanessa is one of my day-to-day muses. She is one of the most passionate actresses I know, and is always delving deeper into her characters. She pushes me to ask questions rather than take my work at face value. And she really loves her jobs, no matter the daily frustrations she encounters.

My family challenges me to take risks and live without fear. I come from a breed of strong, rooted people with a bullheaded approach to taking on opposition. They are fiercely passionate about the arts. They support me in any decision I make in career and have always encouraged me to trust my gut and run with it.”