7 Ryan Scott Oliver Covers by Matt Doyle, Britney Coleman and More Of This Awesome Tune To Start Your Week

Last updated November 9th, 2020 by BroadwayBox Staff
7 Ryan Scott Oliver Covers by Matt Doyle, Britney Coleman a…

Photo by Emilio Madrid

The fourth electric guitar-filled track of the marvelous Ryan Scott Oliver musical 35MM: A Musical Exhibition, inspired by photos by the photography of phenomenal photographer Matthew Murphy, is "On Monday" sung by Betsy Wolfe.

The song sings the story of a brand new relationship - one partner wanting to move a little quicker than the other. In a press release announcing the cast album, composer Ryan Scott Oliver states "In 35MM, photos inspire songs. Sometimes the songs tell the stories of the photographs; other times the feeling, mood, or tone was captured; and in still others, the photographs are doorways into worlds by which a song comes to life."

Come along with us as we start the week watching 7 outstanding covers of this fabulous song.

Britney Coleman

The Company company member shines bright on this song. Britney brings a fabulous comedy to it with gorgeous vocals. We LIVE for 3:10 - 3:12. What a wonderful storyteller.

Matt Doyle

Company's Jamie performed the RSO tune in his Joe's Pub show 10 years ago. We love Matt's intensity bringing a whole different take on this "I Want" song - so good!

Kathryn Allison

The Company revival cast really liked this song! Friends, you have to watch the joy emanating from the audience during Kathryn's performance. It's everything. You'll be smiling along with them in no time. Cheers to her amazing cabaret band too! Kathryn's rich voice on this song is so marvelous. Her commitment! You're believing every word she sings (especially those awesome ones at 2:56 to the end).

Jason Michael Snow

The Book of Mormon and South Pacific alum really brings the funny on this amazing live from the audience rendition. The acting beats! This performance is so fun.

Natalie Weiss

Natalie Weiss singing contemporary musical theatre tunes - what a match! Queen of Breaking Down The Riffs, brings a fabulous honesty to the lyric. 2:57 - 3:00 is fantastic.

Tatiana Lofton

Tatiana is unbelievable! She appeared in the national tours of Once on This Island and Waitress. We love how effortless this performance is, her A+ riffs and each of her amazing acting choices (2:02 - 2:05!).

Anna Grace Barlow

The TV vet of The Young and the Restless, The Fosters and Scream Queens brought a pop star glam to the 35MM tune in Los Angeles a few years ago at Rockwell. This fun performance could have been torn from a rom-com!