Feeling "Sentimental" on Wicked Day!? We've Got The Swankified Podcast For You!

Last updated October 30th, 2020 by BroadwayBox Staff
Feeling "Sentimental" on Wicked Day!? We've Got The Swankif…

We're getting Sentimental, it's October 30th which means... Wicked Day!

Two fans of the swankified Broadway Ozmopolitan phenomenon are taking their fandom to the next level. Quincy Brown and Kevin Bianchi's new musical theatre podcast "Sentimental Men" are celebrating in their first season the wonderful women who have defied gravity as Elphaba in the musical sensation. We could only imagine their reaction to this video Shoshana Bean organized!

Listeners can expect fun conversations with former Elphies Caroline Bowman, Stephanie Torns, Donna Vivino, Natalia Vivino and in the duo's second episode released today - the current Broadway Elphaba, Lindsay Pearce. Listen along to their new second episode released in honor of the musical's 17th Anniversary on Wicked Day as Lindsay chats with Quincy and Kevin about growing up with the Grammy-winning Wicked cast album, tales from her audition and stepping into Elphaba's shoes in the midst of an impending pandemic.

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Do you want to see why Quincy and Kevin are such admirers of these talented actresses? We've rounded up clips of the Elphabas so you can see first hand! In the pilot episode, Quincy and Kevin discussed their opinions if a variety of actresses are a "No Good Deed" Elphaba, "Defying Gravity" Elphaba or a "The Wizard and I" Elphaba. Let's see these fabulous ladies tackle the first act showstopper, "The Wizard and I."

Lindsay Pearce

Caroline Bowman

Stephanie Torns

Donna Vivino

Natalia Vivino

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