Only Have 24 Hours in NYC? Don’t Worry, the Stars of On The Town Got You Covered

Last updated September 3rd, 2014 by Josh Ferri
Only Have 24 Hours in NYC? Don’t Worry, the Stars of On The…

In just a few short weeks, On the Town is going to transport Broadway audiences back to a New York before Elmo took up residence in Times Square and The Naked Cowboy was taking selfies with grandma.*Sigh* This quintessential Manhattan musical by Bernstein, Comden and Green follows the adventures of three eager sailors who only have 24 hours to spend in the Big Apple. When BroadwayBox caught up with the cast, we wanted to know: if we only had 24 hours to spend here, what do we have to do to get a taste of your New York (other than see On the Town at the Lyric)?

Jay Armstrong Johnson (Chip)

Jay Armstrong Johnson- On the Town

“If you want to experience my New York, we’d start down in the West Village where I went to school, so that’s my old stomping grounds. Then, we’d go to Brooklyn for like real quick because I lived there for a few years (and secretly still love it); and then we’d head up to Harlem, where I live now, for some fried chicken. That would really be Jay’s New York.”

Tony Yazbeck (Gabey)

Tony Yazbeck- On the town

“I think you have to take a walk by the water, especially if you’re with someone you love. Take a walk near the park, on the water, in the dark and woo them with singing and dancing.”

Clyde Alves (Ozzie)

Clyde Alves- On the Town

“Well, I love live music, so I’m going to go downtown to either the East or West Village and catch some singer-songwriters. I like to write new music myself so that’s a passion of mine. I play with a place called The Path Café at Christopher and Hudson; it's a cool little joint that not many people know about but they have some great artists. I also love jazz. My wife and I are big fans, so we’ll check some of that out as well.”

Alysha Umphress (Hildy)

Alysha Umphress- ON the Town

“Wake up, have a delicious iced coffee and go to brunch. I just had the best brunch at Gallow Green, it’s on top of Sleep No More. It’s stunningly beautiful—like you walked into an Anthropologie catalog—and the food was delicious. They have a jazz band and it’s unlimited booze—I was living my dreams. Then go for a rowboat in Central Park. I like riding my bike, all along the West Side Highway and the Brooklyn Bridge; it’s super fun. And then I would say see a Broadway show. I love to see everything; I’ve always been in love with Broadway and I try to see as much as I can…so see On the Town.”

Megan Fairchild (Ivy Smith)

Megan Fairchild- On the Town- Ballet

“You’d have to go to Lincoln Center and see The New York City Ballet. One that I always love is Theme and Variations and that’s going in this fall season; it’s really grand and spectacular. It’s the most technical you can get as a dancer, so it’s high stakes for the people up on the stage, and if you know that in the audience it’s exciting to watch.”

Elizabeth Stanley (Claire)

Elizabeth Stanley- On the Town

“You have to go to Astoria. That’s where I’ve lived the whole time I’ve been here. I think Queens gets a bad rap but it’s getting hip. The thing I like about it is that it's the most diverse neighborhood in New York City. My favorite spot currently is Queens Kickshaw—it’s a coffee shop with ridiculous grilled cheese. So if you’re on a cheat day, go get some grilled cheese.”

Jackie Hoffman (Madame Dilly)

Jackie Hoffman- On the Town

“Cry, get called out by junkie trannies and eat at Katz’s.”

Phillip Boykin (Featured Ensemble)

Phillip Boykin- On the Town

“You have to go get some soul food at Sylvia’s (the fried chicken), and that’s it.”

See this gang bring back all the charm of old New York in ‘On the Town,’ beginning at Broadway’s Lyric Theatre on September 20.