Let’s Get Super Excited for Lauren Pritchard’s 54 Below Show

Last updated September 4th, 2014 by Josh Ferri
Let’s Get Super Excited for Lauren Pritchard’s 54 Below Show

Time travel back for a moment to 2006 when Spring Awakening was the hottest thing since Rent. The young cast was super talented—Groff was a heartthrob, Lea Michele was a superstar and JGJ was destined for some awards, but damn if Lauren Pritchard didn’t steal the show with her voice. The tone! The star quality! The power!

And then bam, NYC loses Pritchard to London, she releases her debut album Wasted in Jackson and soon takes off as recording artist LOLO. She performed all around the world and rocked out with the likes of Matt Nathanson and Panic! At the Disco.

But alas, prayers have been answered and Pritchard returns to the New York stage on September 9 for her debut concert at 54 Below. It’s a whole evening of music composed by the Spring Awakening alum, including selections from the new play with music she’s creating (!!!) with Michael Kimmel called Songbird.

The concert will feature other amazing singers Amy Spanger, Kacie Sheik, Julia Mattison, Laura Dreyfuss, as well as some other SA vets Lilli Cooper—so there’s a chance for “The Dark I Know Well” reunion— Phoebe Strole, Charles Johnson, Remy Zaken and Alice Lee for a mini Spring tribute. So what are you waiting for? Clear the calendar and get your ticket today. Then reward yourself with the best cover of TLC’s “Waterfalls” you might ever hear.