Chicago's Michael Scirrotto Introduces The Cougar, The Perv, The Drunk & The Other Jury Members on the Roxie Hart Case

Last updated September 5th, 2014 by Josh Ferri
Chicago's Michael Scirrotto Introduces The Cougar, The Perv…

It’s the trial that rocked the Windy City: housewife and jazz baby Roxie Hart stands to hang if her lawyer Billy Flynn can't get her acquitted for murder. Lucky for her, the jury’s a joke. Literally. While Billy, Roxie, Amos and others take the stand in Chicago’s big courtroom scene, ensemble member Michael Scirrotto gives a master class in comedy. Scirrotto plays all six jurors on the Hart case, from a pervy shoe salesman to the sweet Italian nona. And if you know to keep an eye on the jury as the action is going on, you will be treated to such heavy laughs.

Michael Scirrotto- Chicago- The Jury- Broadway
Photo by Jeremy Daniel

Below, Michael Scirrotto introduces us to each of the six crazy Chicago characters performing their civic duty.

Michael Scirrotto- Chicago- Raymond
Photo by Jeremy Daniel

Name: Raymond Froggatt (The Blind)
Occupation: Comes from a wealthy family who owns a furniture making factory
Lifelong Dream: To become a well-known jazz musician and play the Aragon Ballroom
Favorite part of playing him: I love his politeness and vulnerability
Visual reference: Mr. Magoo

Michael Scirrotto- Chicago- Esther
Photo by Jeremy Daniel

Name: Esther White (The Cougar)
Occupation: Ex-Chorus Girl; notorious Man-eater; lives off the money of several gentlemen
Lifelong Dream: To own the largest collections of diamonds
Favorite part of playing her: I secretly love working with the fan and turban
Visual reference: Kim Cattrall as Samantha from Sex and The City

Michael Scirrotto- Chicago- John
Photo by Jeremy Daniel

Name: John Hughes (The Scholar)
Occupation: English Professor
Lifelong Dream: To create crossword puzzles for the weekly newspaper
Favorite part of playing him: I love his analytical eye, look for it. Literally. Also, his confidence.
Visual Reference: He is based off of my senior year High school English teacher, Geoffrey Johnston. Also, Kevin Spacey in Pay It Forward

Michael Scirrotto- Chicago- Mary
Photo by Jeremy Daniel

Name: Mary Coppola (The Elderly Widow)
Occupation: Owns an Italian Bakery
Lifelong Dream: To visit the Vatican
Favorite part of playing her: She is named after my late grandmother. I love saying her catholic prayers.
Visual Reference: The actress Julie Bovasso from the movie Moonstruck

Michael Scirrotto- Chicago- Norman
Photo by Jeremy Daniel

Name: Norman Brown (The Pervert)
Occupation: Women's Shoe Salesmen
Lifelong Dream: Marrying a women with perfect feet
Favorite part of playing him: His uncontrollable tongue
Visual Reference: The character "John Dough" from the movie Drop Dead Gorgeous

Michael Scirrotto- Chicago- Larry
Photo by Jeremy Daniel

Name: Larry Bennet (The Drunk)
Occupation: Bank Teller by day, Bathtub Gin-maker by night
Lifelong Dream: To bottle and produce his special aromatic blend of Gin, make a lot of money and move to Palm Beach.
Favorite part of playing him: His acute case of the hiccups
Visual Reference: Carol Burnett in the movie Annie

Now get yourself over to the Ambassador Theatre to take in a performance of 'Chicago' where you can watch each of these crazy characters come to life in the trial scene.