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Hot Clip of the Day: Follow PitchBlack Experience: Odd Man Out Into Darkness in New Immersive Experience

May 20th, 2021 by

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Hot Clip of the Day: Follow PitchBlack Experience: Odd Man …

Each day, the Bbox team trolls YouTube for the hot clip—sometimes it's a brand-new moment and sometimes it's a throwback to an oldie but goodie. No matter what praise hands are shot up, pearls are clutched and the repeat button is hit.

ODD MAN OUT Box Experience Trailer

Ulterior Motives: Lights out! Not usually something you hear when talking about a brand new show. We recently were introduced to a super cool new experience that brings a brand new play and all of the sensory experiences of being at a show - to your home! The experience is called PitchBlack Experience: Odd Man Out. You as an audience member are a "passenger" with a boarding pass to this interactive audio play. The play itself tells the tale of Alberto, a blind musician flying home from New York to Buenos Aires, Argentina after decades of self-exile. Everything you need is in the travel box you receive including a blindfold, beverage, and additional items to liven your smell, touch and taste senses while the play unfolds. We've never heard of anything like this and we are so excited to share it with you!

Ultimate 🙌 🙌 moment: A full company of actors and musicians are behind the creation of this play. Our ultimate moment is absolutely 0:49 - 0:54 because how amazing is it that this special at home box contains the magic of an actual show and this incredible quote sealed the deal: "you can feel, hear, smell and taste the play." Learn more at their PitchBlack Experience: Odd Man Out listing page - we have a special discount for you to enjoy the show with a special offer!