22 Live Joe Iconis ALBUM Clips With Rodriguez, Blickenstaff, Golden, Rannells, and More!

Last updated April 8th, 2022 by BroadwayBox Staff
22 Live Joe Iconis ALBUM Clips With Rodriguez, Blickenstaff…

Photo by Marques Walls

Musical theatre fans have been introduced to Joe Iconis' musical scores from Broadway, Off-Broadway, London and beyond with Be More Chill, Love in Hate Nation, Broadway Bounty Hunter, The Black Suits, Things To Ruin and more. There have also been this additional roster of tunes for over a decade that we have been enjoying at some of New York City's great cabaret and concert venues as performed by Joe and his ever-growing family of talented collaborators. This June, those songs are getting a long-awaited album entitled... Album!

Ghostlight Records is releasing this 44 track album recorded over the pandemic of Joe Iconis' compostitions that until now have only been seen either live or on YouTube clips. A press release promises "Album hurtles through a cocktail of musical genres as its rogue's gallery of misfit children, reckless adults, and various assorted creatures sing their stories of love, hope, murder, resilience, and connection."

Listeners will hear tracks from Joe himself, George Salazar, Will Roland, Annie Golden, Andrew Barth Feldman, Krysta Rodriguez, Andrew Rannells, Kerry Butler, Aaron Tveit, Danny Burstein and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

We cannot wait for this Album to be released - so much so that we rounded up half of the live performances of the album's 44 tracks as performed by those artists! Spend your afternoon by scrolling through this playlist of Joe Iconis' Album and be sure to pre-save or pre-order it ahead of its June 17th release date!

"All The Mistakes You Made About The Girl" performed by Joe Iconis

"Lydia's Song" performed by Lauren Marcus

"Out Of Sight / Out Of Mind" performed by Krysta Rodriguez

"A Guy That I'd Kinda Be Into" performed by Seth Eliser

"It's All Good" performed by Jason Tam, Lance Rubin and Jason SweetTooth Williams

"Flesh and Bone (The Robot's Song)" performed by Jason SweetTooth Williams

"Find the Bastard" performed by Eric William Morris

"Amphibian" performed by Will Roland

"I Was a Teenage Delinquent!" performed by Lauren Marcus and Molly Hager

"Joey Is A Punk Rocker" performed by Annie Golden

"Norman" performed by Lance Rubin

"Haddonfield, 15 Years Later (For Judith)" performed by Jared Weiss

"Ammonia" performed by Heidi Blickenstaff

"Him Today, Gone Tomorrow" performed by Shakina Nayfack

"The Actress" performed by Katrina Rose Dideriksen

"Kevin" performed by Andrew Rannells

"Party Hat" performed by Lauren Marcus and Eric William Morris

"(Do) The Slide Whistle" performed by Jordan Stanley and Lance Rubin

"Velociraptor" performed by Liz Lark Brown

"Jeff" performed by Jeremy Morse

"The Protector" performed by Jason SweetTooth Williams

"Try Again" performed by Joe Iconis