10 Current Ensemble Members Who Are Kicking Ass in Broadway Musicals

Last updated January 5th, 2015 by Josh Ferri
10 Current Ensemble Members Who Are Kicking Ass in Broadway…

At a recent revisit to If/Then, I found myself absolutely hypnotized by Curtis Holbrook. He was dancing the hell out the show and was easily one of the most interesting performers on the stage. Soon the wheels started turning thinking about other ensemble members on Broadway, who once they catch your eye, elevate the entire musical. Below, we shine the spotlight on 10 phenomenal ensemble dancers, singers and scene-stealers you should watch out for.

Curtis Holbrook (If/Then)

Curtis Holbrook- If/Then- Broadway- GIF

Donna Marie Asbury (Chicago)

Donna Marie Asbury- Chicago

Paul Canaan (Kinky Boots)

Paul Canaan- Kinky Boots- GIF

Alyssa Herrera (Rock of Ages)

Alyssa Herrera- Rock of Ages

Raymond J. Lee (Honeymoon in Vegas)

Raymond J. Lee- Honeymoon in Vegas- GIF

Holly Ann Butler (On the Town)

Holly Ann Butler- On the Town

Dennis Stowe (Aladdin)

Dennis Stowe- Aladdin

Shawna M. Hamic (The Last Ship)

Shawna M Hamic- The Last Ship- GIF

E. Clayton Cornelious (Beautiful)

E. Clayton Cornelious- Beautiful

Jessica Pariseau (Cabaret)

Jessica Pariseau- Cabaret- Broadway- GIF