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Introduce Your Self(ie): 10 Questions with Disenchanted! Breakout Becky Gulsvig

January 5th, 2015 by

Introduce Your Self(ie): 10 Questions with Disenchanted! ...

Becky Gulsvig has played some badass blondes in the Broadway musicals Hairspray and Legally Blonde, and now she returns to the New York stage a full-fledged princess in the off-Broadway comedy Disenchanted! Gulsvig stars as the ditzy but well-meaning Cinderella in this sidesplitting adult parody of the Disney princess posse, and the audience could not get enough of her performance. BroadwayBox caught up with Gulsvig for a holiday selfie and to talk fairytale wishes, catchy Disney songs and crushing episodes of Homeland.

1. Favorite moment in Disney’s Cinderella film:
The "A Dream Is A Wish" sequence:) Who doesn't want to wake up singing in a tower overlooking a kingdom surrounded by sweet little animal friends?!

2. Favorite Disney princess song:
It is very hard to pick just one since my 3 ½-year-old daughter and I belt out the full Disney repertoire daily! I guess I'd have to say "Part Of Your World."

3. All-time favorite Cinderella from film, TV or Broadway:
My daughter's first Broadway show was Cinderella this past summer and the magnificently sweet Paige Faure (Cinderella) took us backstage afterwards to have a lovely chat and show us the glass slippers! That afternoon was so very magical and Paige was wonderful in the show!!! She was a shining example of a princess both onstage and off.

4. My least favorite household chore:
Washing floors. I sweep and vacuum no problem but actually washing, not so much:(

5. Coolest shoes I’ve ever owned:
The shoes I wear for the first half of Disenchanted! are to DIE for! They are stunning and sparkle for days! Vanessa Leuck knows how to make a girl feel fancy!

6. If I had a fairy godmother, three things I’d ask for:
Hmmm. Probably unlimited free air travel so I could take my family to lots of cool places, a brand new Volkswagen camper Van (they don't make then anymore in the states but they are awesome!!), and a magic spell so that our wonderful dog wouldn't age at all. She's an eight-year-old golden retriever and we keep telling her she is not allowed to get old, that she has to be our dog forever:)

7. Last TV show I binge-watched:
Homeland!!!! We don't have Showtime so I waited a month and a half for the library copy of season 3 and I couldn't focus in anything else!

8. My favorite thing to do on my day off:
I enjoy hanging out at home and catching up with friends.

9. If I could pick one of my regional/touring roles to play on Broadway:
I loved playing Eponine at Riverside Theatre in Vero Beach Florida. The cast was an amazing group of human beings and we had such fun, so I'd bring them with me:) Also, I love scene work but just singing a whole show is awesome!

10. An album I wore out in high school:
The Bodyguard soundtrack. I mean come on!

See Becky Gulsvig as Cinderella in the hilarious ‘Disenchanted!, running through January 25 at the Theatre at St. Clement’s.