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Tony Awards Thank You, Five!

"Thank You, Five!" Jennifer Simard of Company Shares 5 Things She's Thankful For

June 6th, 2022 by

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"Thank You, Five!" Jennifer Simard of Company Shares 5 Thin…

Photo by Matthew Murphy

The echo of "thank you, five!" at theaters across the country could be heard as casts assemble five minutes away from the house lights dimming and audiences are on their way to be transported into the exciting worlds of brand new shows or revisiting a fresh new view of a beloved favorite title.

This season, we are asking some of this year's 2022 Tony Award® nominees, if they could give their own "thank you, five" to these five subjects, what would they be? Find out what they had to say!

Jennifer Simard has once again made a show-stopping impression earning a second Tony Award® nomination for Featured Actress in a Musical portraying the hilarious Sarah in the brand new Broadway revival of Company, Jennifer's seventh Broadway show.

1. Company Member
Which company member of your show would you like to shine a spotlight on that makes each show a fabulous experience?

Katrina Lenk. Katrina Lenk. Katrina Lenk. She is the kindest, sweetest, strongest, most disciplined and nuanced actress and colloborator. She makes every show fun and keeps me motivated because her show is hard. Really hard. She is only off stage for about 90 seconds and while my show is physically demanding, it still can’t compare to what she lifts every night. The fact that she does it with such grace, humility and kindness is an example to us all. Every day. Every show. What a gem. What a leader. What a star.

2. Family/Friends
Which family member or close friend offered so much support to you during the audition process or inspires you each night since the very beginning of your run in the show?

Unquestionably my husband Brad Robertson. The number of times I have turned him into a set piece while I figure out a new bit…

3. Performer
Was there a performer when you were growing up that influenced you into this onstage career and what was your first memory of encountering their work?

Bernadette Peters. I think it’s normal for people to aspire to be like those where they “see” a part of themselves. Bernadette has always had that je ne sais quoi for me. While I was aware of her theatrical, film and tv career, the first time I saw her in person was when my late Mom took me to see my first Broadway show Into The Woods. I don’t fangirl much now as a grownup and professional myself but when we did Hello, Dolly! together and she signed my Into The Woods original cast album I had to excuse myself to the hallway to hyperventilate and cry. Embarrassing yet adorable of me, no?

4. We all start somewhere!
What was the earliest performance of yours that was the moment you knew this was going to be what you wanted to do forever? Did you have a role and what was the show?

While I started young, I still toyed with other career ideas. It wasn’t until I was 16 years old that I really knew. I did a local production of Plaza Suite but like many community theatre productions, they spread the wealth and I only did the second scene, the Muriel scene. I know. 16. Inappropriate much? But aside from that, I really felt like a 16 year old Angela Lansbury, a character actress playing much older than her years. It felt so right. Between that and the audience response to the comedy, I thought - “Ooh, I think I might know how to do this.”

5. Time To Relax
In the hustle and bustle of a week of shows, what is your favorite way or favorite place to decompress?

Honestly, House Hunters International. I can’t tell you how much joy I get traveling around the world from my couch and judging homeowners who can’t possibly live without two sinks.