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Tony Awards Thank You, Five!

"Thank You, Five!" Jayne Houdyshell of The Music Man Shares 5 Things She's Thankful For

May 27th, 2022 by

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"Thank You, Five!" Jayne Houdyshell of The Music Man Shares…

Photo by Julieta Cervantes

The echo of "thank you, five!" at theaters across the country could be heard as casts assemble five minutes away from the house lights dimming and audiences are on their way to be transported into the exciting worlds of brand new shows or revisiting a fresh new view of a beloved favorite title.

This season, we are asking some of this year's 2022 Tony Award® nominees, if they could give their own "thank you, five" to these five subjects, what would they be? Find out what they had to say!

The divine 5 time Tony Award nominated Jayne Houdyshell, winner in 2016 for her work in The Humans, is back on Broadway's as Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn in Broadway's star-studded revival of The Music Man .

1. Company Member
Which company member of your show would you like to shine a spotlight on that makes each show a fabulous experience?

My dresser for the show is a fabulous Broadway wardrobe supervisor and dresser with decades of experience named Kathleen Gallagher. My track in the show as Eulalie McKecknie Shinn is very complicated in terms of costume, wig and hat changes. Kathleen masterfully makes sure that I am efficiently dressed and ready with lightening speed, great care, and the utmost professionalism. She also has a great sense of humor and a work ethic that wont quit. I cannot imagine doing this show without her. Matty Wilson is in charge of my incredible wig and hats, and he maintains and manages those changes with extraordinary skills and a great sense of humor and fun. What a team!

2. Family/Friends
Which family member or close friend offered so much support to you during the audition process or inspires you each night since the very beginning of your run in the show?

I have to say my greatest champion on this production and in all of my work is my dear sister Mary Lou Anderson. She lives in Topeka, Kansas where we all grew up. Mary Lou is not able to travel much so has not seen the show, but she follows it in the press with pride and joy. I love having her support always.

3. Performer
Was there a performer when you were growing up that influenced you into this onstage career and what was your first memory of encountering their work?

As a child I idolized the wonderful Haley Mills. She was a brilliant child actor who appeared in many films. Seeing a little girl playing amazing roles in films absolutely inspired me to dare to dream of being an actress myself.

4. We all start somewhere!
What was the earliest performance of yours that was the moment you knew this was going to be what you wanted to do forever? Did you have a role and what was the show?

When I was 14 years old as a freshman in High School I took a forensics class. I competed in tournaments in the Dramatic Interpretation category performing a monologue from The Diary of Anne Frank. The deep dive I did in researching the role, and the experience of performing the monologue over the course of an entire semester had me hooked. I knew I wanted to dedicate my life to being an actor.

5. Time To Relax
In the hustle and bustle of a week of shows, what is your favorite way or favorite place to decompress?

Being at home with my little cat Lucy. Lucy and I have gotten through the pandemic together. She’s my most constant pal, and I treasure the peace we have in our home together.