Piece of My Heart Star Teal Wicks Takes on Six Questions About the Swinging ‘60s

Last updated July 30th, 2014 by Josh Ferri
Piece of My Heart Star Teal Wicks Takes on Six Questions Ab…

Teal Wicks (Wicked, Jekyll & Hyde) is heating up the stage this summer in the '60s musical Piece of My Heart: The Bert Berns Story. Wicks plays Ilene, Berns' beautiful wife and a go-go dancer who almost had Goldie Hawn's spot on Laugh In. Below, the killer beltress hops in the BroadwayBox time machine for six questions about the 1960s.

1. The Piece of My Heart costume I would totally steal:
I'd love to take my big blonde wig and just pop it on every once in while when I go out on the town. And then I have this great turquoise/TEAL dress that fits like a glove; that would be a great steal.

Piece of My Heart- Teal Wicks- GIF

2. The ‘60s scene I would have been so into:
The California girl in me would be dancing in Golden Gate Park in SF with flowers in my hair, but the NYC chic (I like to think I've become) would have tried to crash Warhol's Factory parties.

Andy Warhol Hippie

3. The most played song on my iTunes from that era is probably:
I play a LOT of music from the '60s, so this is a tough one...but I would probably guess it's a tie between Solomon Burke “Cry to Me” (seriously, this isn't a shameless plug) and Janis Joplin “Get it While You Can.”

4. My all-time ‘60s crush would be:
Paul Newman and Jim Morrison.

Paul Newman - Jim Morrison- hot

5. The TV show from the ‘60s I was so into:
The Andy Griffith Show. Those opening credits alone got me hooked.

6. The ‘60s dance move I am going to bring back single handedly:
Well, on the dance floor I already default to a mash up of The Twist and The Pony, but I think The Mashed Potato could definitely make a huge comeback.

Don't miss Teal Wicks twisting, shouting and serving '60s realness in ‘Piece of My Heart’ at off-Broadway’s Pershing Square Signature Center.