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Costume Extravaganza

Pageant Star Nic Cory Brings Us Inside the Closet & Mind of Miss Industrial Northeast

July 25th, 2014 by

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Pageant Star Nic Cory Brings Us Inside the Closet & Mind ...

Nic Cory is one of six talented actors who transform into lovely ladies to compete in the hilarious, interactive off-Broadway musical Pageant. Below, Cory—in total character as the fabulous and over-the-top Consuela Manuela Rafaela López (Miss Industrial Northeast)—shares with BroadwayBox the costumes that make this beauty queen sparkle.

Nic Corey- Pageant- GIF- Drag

"Stephen and Shawn Yearick work in a palatial apartment on West End Avenue. They asked me to come over one morning so they could take my measurements, even though I told them they're the same as Barbie's. ¡Así es! After a hearty breakfast of celery sticks, we started to talk about my costumes for the show. I asked if I could wear the beautiful beaded green number that was draping a mannequin in a corner, but they said that was for Miss Pennsylvania. I asked if my costumes could be made waterproof so I could drizzle myself with Cholula hot sauce during my talent. They said no. I asked if I could wear a thong and they said yes! But only if I lost forty pounds. Not with my appetite -- a mi me gusta comer. Even though they vetoed my artistic choices, they're brilliant and gave Miss Industrial Northeast, Consuela Manuela Rafaela López, some beautiful duds to don in the Miss Glamouresse 2014 competition. Let's let Consuela tell you all about them. ¡Living La Vida Loca!"

The Tea Dress

I call this one 'mi vestido de té,' or tea dress for all you Gringos out there. It's a little conservative for my taste, but Glamouresse said it wouldn't be appropriate for me to wear my J. Lo-inspired plunging knock-off Versace Cuban flag dress. Their loss!

Evening Gown

¡Ropa de Noche! Like my abuelita always told me: More frills, more THRILLS! After a successful Kickstarter, this saucy evening gown was hand-sewn by 1,000 of my closest Facebook friends in a secret factory. After an (un)fortunate nip slip during rehearsals for the pageant, the beautiful straps were added to make it 'un poquito más tradicional.'

Talent Costume

My favorite dress! This dress is a hand-me-down from my madrina (godmother), Lourdes, who once appeared in the live studio audience of the game show Sábado Gigante and wore this on her wedding day. The Yearicks were on a missionary trip in Cuba when my family asked them to design a wedding dress for her. Inspired by the Cuban Christmas tradition of roasting a whole pig in a box called a 'caja china,' Lourdes was a vision of pride, patriotism and pork on her special day. After some serious taking in -- she was with child (embarazada) at the time -- now I feel her presence with me every time I go out on stage during the talent cavalcade to tickle my Accordión.

Swimsuit Competition

This Yearick original can be summed up by the Vengaboys mega-hit 'We Like to Party!' And I party on down to the piscina (pool) every chance I get: the Jersey Shore in the summer, Havana in the winter and the Bayonne Women's Correctional Facility where I work every Monday- Wednesday 10-2:30. We have a heated aquatic facility for inmates with good behavior! Despite the lack of material, this look still allows me to keep two rosaries and a mini-Bible in its many 'secret compartments.' You can take the girl out of Catechism, but you can't take the Catechism out of this girl!

Don't miss Nic Cory and the other "ladies" of 'Pageant the Musical' strut their stuff and compete for your vote to become Miss Glamouresse every Saturday, Sunday and Monday night at off-Broadway's Davenport Theatre.