Let Heathers Star Dave Thomas Brown Freeze Your Brain and Melt Your Heart

Last updated July 28th, 2014 by Josh Ferri
Let Heathers Star Dave Thomas Brown Freeze Your Brain and M…

Nothing leaves an imprint on your heart like a high school crush, especially when the boy in question is the mysterious new kid at Westerburg High. Actor/photographer Dave Thomas Brown is a total teenage dream as the homicidal J.D. in the too-good-to-miss musical Heathers. Below, BroadwayBox shines a light on all things Dave Thomas Brown.

1. My go-to slurpee flavor is:
Half coke, half piña colada.

2. The coolest stage door interaction I’ve had at Heathers:
I wholeheartedly believe we have the greatest fans of any show running, possibly in all of recorded history. They are talented, generous, and so so supportive. We get some of the most incredible fan art, a lot of which bedecks our dressing rooms. Most of our fans have seen the show upwards of 4 or 5 times and continue to come, love, and support. I love the opportunity to meet everyone and thank them for rocking our houses. A mom of a big fan once told me after a show that if there was ever a Breaking Bad musical, that I should play Jesse Pinkman. I gave her a huge hug and told her that made me incredibly happy. I hope she is an oracle.

3. If I had to describe high school me in a Tweet (140 characters):
I Despised high school, hated math, loved my English teacher, hated math. Sucked at Lacrosse, drank Frappuccinos, made lifelong friends, :-)

4. The most badass thing I did in high school was:
My first car was a 1966 cherry red Ford Mustang Coupe with whitewall tires. No A/C and black vinyl made for some pretty sweaty backsides. This counts as badass, right?

5. The photo I feel inspired by as a photographer:
Not one specific photo, but do yourself a favor and explore the work of Imogen Cunningham. She was a genius at telling a simple story with a camera.

6. My favorite story from my time as Melchoir in Spring Awakening has to be:
I adore Spring Awakening, and have for a very long time. Duncan Sheik came out to San Diego to see our production at Cygnet, and being able to sing the music he wrote back to him in the audience was an incredibly emotional and profound experience for me.

7. In my opinion, the best TV show of all time is:
Breaking Bad and Slings And Arrows. Color me indecisive.

8. The most played musical theater track on my iTunes is probably:
“Lily’s Eyes” from The Secret Garden.

9. The ‘80s movie I can’t get enough of:
A Fish Called Wanda. Two Pythons, Kevin Kline AND Jamie Lee Curtis? Such a good film.

10. My ultimate ‘80s crush:
Robin Wright in Princess Bride. I mean, good lord!

You only have one week left to see Dave Thomas Brown bring his killer charm to off-Broadway’s ‘Heathers’ at New World Stages.