Tyrone McHansely Proves Hand to God Is Broadway's Funniest Show On & Off the Stage

Last updated April 14th, 2015 by Tyrone McHansely
Tyrone McHansely Proves Hand to God Is Broadway's Funniest …

New York has a new king of comedy: an NC-17 rated felt puppet named Tyrone McHansely, and his new play Hand to God has become the can't-miss comedy of the Broadway season.

And while the play is strong enough to stand on its own, we have to tip our hat here to AKA for its brilliant campaign strategy that extends Hand to God's special brand of humor far beyond the Booth Theatre. For example, these are just some of our favorite Tweets from Tyrone's Twitter account @TyroneMcHansely.

Hand to God- Tyrone- Twitter

Then there's this early ad, which is just genius considering Hand to God is this small American play in a season completely dominated by these big, bloated British transfers.

Hand to God- Ad

But Hand to God really turned up the heat on high (just in time for awards season) with hilarious insert ads in Playbill books across Broadway. Each personalized to the specific show, each dripping with the signature humor that makes H2G so great.

Hand to God- broadway- Kinky Boots

Hand to God- broadway- The Audience

Hand to God- broadway- Finding Neverland

Hand to God- broadway- Book of Mormon

Hand to God- Something Rotten

Hand to God- broadway- 20th Century

Hand to God- The Visit

Hand to God- broadway- King and I

Hand to God- broadway- Wolf Hall

Hand to God- broadway- Skylight

Hand to God- broadway- Fun Home

Hand to God- broadway- Curious Incident

Hand to God- Hedwig and the Angry Inch- broadway

Hand to God- broadway- Fish in the Dark

So here's the deal, if you so much as smiled at any of that, then you have to see Hand to God at the Booth Theatre. It's Broadway's most across-the-boards critically acclaimed comedy, that even NYC's stodgiest critic could concede, "the audience explodes with laughter so loud and raucous that it echoes from the Booth Theatre through Shubert Alley, all the way to Sardi’s."