Rejoice! The Fortress of Solitude Album Is a Must-Own For Musical Theatre Fans of Any Generation

Last updated April 10th, 2015 by Josh Ferri
Rejoice! The Fortress of Solitude Album Is a Must-Own For M…

Michael Friedman’s score for the musical adaptation of The Fortress of Solitude is out of this world—there’s just no other way to describe the album, recently released by Sh-K-Boom. It’s a must own for fans of musical theatre and classic R&B. If you missed the show down at The Public, you can go to Joe’s Pub on April 13 to see the cast perform the score live in concert (and you should). Below, we react in animated GIFs as we give The Fortress of Solitude original cast recording a first listen.

1. Prelude

Fortress of Solitude - Prelude
Oh $hit, this is going to be special.

2. The One I Remember

Fortress of Solitude -The One I Remember
This GIF works so well cause this song goes from bopping along, to two-step to full-out living in the moment.

3. The Time Keeps Changing

Fortress of Solitude - The Time Keeps Changing

4. Grab Something (And Never Let Go)

Fortress of Solitude - Grab Something
This music is fan-f*in’-tastic. Wow. No show sounds like this.

5. Superman/Sidekick

Fortress of Solitude - Superman/Sidekick
Kyle Beltran & Adam Chanler-Berat’s voices sound great together.

6. White Boy

Fortress of Solitude - White Boy
In this song, there is a legit mash-up of ‘Play That Funky Music White Boy’ & ‘“Hava Nagila.’ Case closed.

7. The Ballad of Barrett Rude, Sr.

Fortress of Solitude - Andre De Shields- Ballad of Barrett Rude
God bless Andre De Shields. Children, this is how you actually stop a show, stop an album, stop traffic.

8. Painting

Fortress of Solitude - Painting
Just when you think you have this score figured out, Friedman throws in this gorgeous, folky We-Didn’t-Start-The-Fire-esque song that paints a picture of the Brooklyn at the time and packs a hell of an emotional punch.

9. This Little World

Fortress of Solitude - This little world

10. Take Me to the Bridge

Fortress of Solitude - Take Me to the Bridge
And the funk is back. Yas Gawd! (Cut to legit dancing in the office) Can’t believe this isn’t an act break song.

11. High High High School

Fortress of Solitude - High High High School
Fans of ‘80s rap/hip-hop will LOVE this track. And so will theatre kids, because I do. Gosh, all these tracks would be ‘the’ big act one finale in another show.

12. I’m Busy Now (So Don’t Bother Me)/Act One Finale

Fortress of Solitude - Im Busy now

13. Act Two Prelude

Act Two Prelude- Fortress of Solitude
Short intro back in and now let’s bring on Kevin Mambo.

14. If I Had Known Then (What I Know Now)

Fortress of Solitude - If I had KNown then
Kevin Mambo for the Lortel, for the Drama Desk, for whatever else we can throw at that man for this performance.

15. Bothered Blue

Fortress of Solitude - Bothered Blue

16. Take It Baby

Fortress of Solitude - Take it baby

17. Who’s Calling Me?

Fortress of Solitude - Who's Calling Me

18. Something

Fortress of Solitude - Rebecca Naomi Jones- Something
True confession: I have listened to this song every. single. day. since the album came out. I'm obsessed. It's a must-own; download it now, I'll wait. #RebeccaNaomiJonesForPresident

19. This Little World (Reprise)

Fortress of Solitude - This Little World
Love how the songs come together here.

20. The Ballad of Mingus Rude

Fortress of Solitude - Kyle Beltran- Michael Friedman
Kyle Beltran and Michael Friedman are insane talents. To have this song in the score and execute it like this…wow. Another must-download track.
Fortress of Solitude - Ballad of Mingus Rude

The Ballad of Mingus Rude- Kyle Beltran

21. Sidekick (Reprise)

Fortress of Solitude - Sidekick
So angelic.

22. Superman (Reprise)

Fortress of Solitude - Superman - Kyle Beltran
Beltran's voice is a gift.

23. The Gift

Fortress of Solitude - The Gift

24. Middle Spaces

Fortress of Solitude - Middle Spaces
The 'Fortress of Solitude' listening experience was just transcendent. Thank you Michael Friedman, the future of musical theatre.

Buy this album now and see the cast sing it live at Joe's Pub on April 13.