Golden Girls, Drag Queens & Morning Regrets: The Divine Miss Tori Scott Spills the Tea

Last updated March 27th, 2014 by Josh Ferri
Golden Girls, Drag Queens & Morning Regrets: The Divine Mis…

Acclaimed cabaret artist, bad girl and big-time belter Tori Scott returns to 54 Below on March 28 with her so-wrong-it’s-right show I’ll Regret This Tomorrow. Get to know this vibrant entertainer in the exclusive video and Q&A below.

Video by Steve Schonberg (Editor-In-Chief of Center On The Aisle)

Getting to Know You, Tori Scott

1. My Golden Girl spirit animal
I would love to say Blanche, but according to a BuzzFeed quiz I recently took, I'm more of a Stan.

stan zbornak- Golden Girls- GIF

2. The first time I see a Tori Scott drag queen, I will
Pray her hair and makeup is better than mine. I'm at a loss.

3. If you want to send a free round my way, make sure you order me a
Vodka martini a little dirty with 3 olives....or anything with alcohol really.

Karen Walker

4. The female performer who inspires me most
Bette Midler, always and forever.

Bette Midler Moments

5. My favorite pop-culture trainwreck
Speaking from experience, I hate the word trainwreck, but I would have to say Lindsay. She really seems like someone I would get along very well with at a bar around 3 AM.

Lohan GIF

6. The craziest “I’ll regret this tomorrow” thing I did my first year in NYC
I'll need to talk to my lawyer first before answering this question.