Buyer & Cellar Star Christopher J. Hanke Confesses 7 Streisand Secrets

Last updated March 24th, 2014 by Josh Ferri
Buyer & Cellar Star Christopher J. Hanke Confesses 7 Streis…

Broadway’s Christopher J. Hanke (How to Succeed in Business, Cry-Baby) is spending his evenings in the company of a showbiz legend. Hanke recently took over the starring role of Alex Moore, a salesclerk working in Barbra Streisand’s basement shops, in the acclaimed off-Broadway one-man-comedy Buyer & Cellar. To celebrate the exciting new venture, BroadwayBox asked Hanke to share with us his favorite Babs songs, looks, performances and more. Check out Hanke’s impressive Streisand knowledge below, and then snag tickets to see him in the hilarious Buyer & Cellar at the Barrow Street Theatre.

1. Best Barbra Song For Falling in Love:
First Choice: "Evergreen"

Second Choice: "Papa, Can You Hear Me?"

2. My Favorite Barbra Screen Performance:
Funny Girl— hands down. She was so free and quirky and hilarious. It's the Barbra that made her a star!

3. My First Memory of Seeing or Hearing Babs:
Driving to my cousin's house and hearing a duet called "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" in the car—ok, truth, maybe it was on my C.D. playing on loop, but still—I loved that song in high school. That's my first memory of having Babs in my psyche. FUN FACT: This song was originally sung by Neil Diamond, then Barbra covered it on her album Songbird…it was never intended to be a duet. Then a Radio DJ spliced the two versions together on his radio show as a "going away present" for his wife whom he was divorcing. This became a huge breaking story around the country and Columbia records brought Barbra & Neil back in for an official duet recording session—all because of that DJ & his divorce!

4. My Go-To "I’m Alone and I’m Singing Streisand" Song:
"Don't Rain on My Parade"—it's just empowering & hopeful to me. Truly. And, this is embarrassing, BUT, I first learned of this song in the movie Mrs. Doubtfire, when Robin Williams is getting his "drag look on" and he turns around in the salon chair and does a hilarious Babs impersonation singing this song for like 5 seconds…I remember thinking, "who's he 'doing?'"

Mrs. Doubtfire- Streisand

5. Favorite All-Time Barbra Streisand Look:
Not the "choker" phase...

Stresiand- Choker Phase

6. If Babs Came Buyer & Cellar, I Would Say To Her:
"Hello, Gorgeous!?"

Hello Gorgeous GIF

7. Celebrity Whose Basement I Would Gladly Work In:
Kathie Lee Gifford—cause there would be a lot of Chardonnay down there!

Kathie Lee