Five Reasons We Are Living For Fran Drescher in Cinderella

Last updated March 26th, 2014 by Josh Ferri
Five Reasons We Are Living For Fran Drescher in Cinderella

TV sitcom queen Fran Drescher is bringing her ‘happily divorced’ self from Flushing, Queens to the Enchanted Forest as the new star of Broadway’s Tony-winning musical Cinderella. The Emmy nominee adds style and flair to the role of Ella’s wicked stepmother Madame. BroadwayBox was lucky enough to catch the small-screen legend’s Broadway debut, and here are five reasons we are just living for Fran.

1. A graduate from the school of Lucille Ball and Bea Arthur, Fran Drescher knows a good facial reaction goes a long way. And boy is she giving face!

Fran Drescher- GIF- Cinderella- 1

Fran Drescher- Cinderella- GIF- 4

Fran Drescher- GIF- Cinderella- 2

Fran Drescher- Cinderella- GIF- 3

2. She’s not afraid to be sexy

Fran Drescher- Cinderella-
If Fran’s going to be a mother of three, you bet she’s playing a sexy one.
Photo by Carol Rosegg

3. The signature laugh.

Fran Drescher- GIF- Cinderella- Laugh

4. William Ivey Long designed new gowns and hats for the new headliner, and they are ready to walk the runway in Paris.

Fran Drescher- Cinderella- Fashion
Photo by Carol Rosegg, Bruce Glikas & Fran Drescher

5. Because for six years, the world welcomed her into our homes and hearts as Fran Fine. She’s a part of television history and a whole generation’s childhood.

The opportunity to see a star of that caliber singing and dancing live doesn’t come along everyday.
Fran Drescher- Cinderella- GIF- Dance 1

Fran Drescher- Cinderella- GIF- Dance 2

Fran Drescher continues in Cinderella, opposite Grammy nominee Carly Rae Jepsen, through June 29 at the Broadway Theatre.