Zi Alikhan Is #Looking for Fun, Laughs & Good Times at 54 Below

Last updated March 31st, 2014 by Josh Ferri
Zi Alikhan Is #Looking for Fun, Laughs & Good Times at 54 B…

Finding love in NYC is hard, y'all. Especially if you’re gay, in 20s and a performer with IBS. Meet Zi Alikhan, the writer and star of the new solo show #Looking. On March 31 at 11:30 PM, Zi is taking the stage at 54 Below to talk first loves, first subway tears, and first Tinder dates. Get to know the adorable Zi below, and then head to 54 Below to see him put boys on blast in #Looking.

1. When I’m #Looking to let my inner diva out, I rock out to
Taylor Swift, no question. Anybody who knows me knows that she is my spirit animal, #swifty for LIFE.

Taylor Swift GIF

2. If I had to sum up my experience #Looking for the perfect guy in NYC in four words
Subway. Crying. Chips. Salsa. This is a REALLY great story that you may get to hear at the show…

3. KMF: #Looking characters Patrick, Kevin and Dom
Definitely marry Dom, waking up to that mustache every morning is the actual dream. F*ck Kevin because (spoiler alert) we all imagined that was us with him in the office during the finale. And, yeah, sorry, kill Patrick because we're too similar personality-wise, and he clearly has some hang-ups about dating brown people!

Looking Pic
The marriable Dom, the screwable Kevin and the dead Patrick.

4. My advice to those #Looking for love in NYC
This city is full of so much stimulus and aggressive upward mobility, and often times you may meet somebody who is an awesome match for you at totally the wrong time in your guys' lives. Don't burn bridges and be patient, I think those are keys to success.

5. When I’m #Looking for a first date location, I think
Adventure. I like offbeat, I like weird food, I like great beer. If a guy tries to take me on a first date in Hell's Kitchen, I'm probably already bored before he says 'table for two'.

Bored GIF

6. When I’m #Looking to laugh
I am probably at Industry for Drag Race (#TeamAdore) with Marti Gould Cummings or watching videos of Chris Lilley and eating Oreos with my roommates.

Funny Summer Heights Ja'Mie

7. If you’re #Looking for a good time, you should come to 54 Below because
The belting is high, the stories are really funny, and I'm putting some boys on BLAST, so come find out if you're one of them!

Check out Zi Alikhan tonight at 54 Below, and get a glimpse of him in action in the video below.