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Five Broadway Characters Just As Wicked as House of Cards’ The Underwoods

February 21st, 2014 by

JoshuaFerri Share
Five Broadway Characters Just As Wicked as House of Cards...

The Netflix TV series House of Cards is still on everyone’s lips, but the lying, murdering and scheming done by the drama’s central couple Frank and Claire Underwood (Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright) is old hat to Broadway audiences. We’ve seen villains this ruthless time and again. Below are five such masterminds currently spinning their webs on Broadway.

1. Scar, The Lion King

Scar- Lion King

Photo by Joan Marcus

Bloodlines and family ties mean nothing to this manipulative royal, who—like the Underwoods—will take out anyone who stands in his way to absolute power.

2. Fastrada, Pippin

Fastrada- Pippin

Photo by Joan Marcus

This killer queen claims she’s “just an ordinary housewife and mother, just like all you housewives and mothers out there”…except Fastrada persuades the crown prince to murder the king in order for her own son to move up in the line of succession. Sound familiar?

3. Joseph Pulitzer, Newsies

Newsies- Pulitzer

Photo by Deen Van Meer/Bruce Glikas

This sneaky newspaper magnet keeps his hands clean but he’s completely calculating and ferocious.

4. Miss Trunchbull, Matilda

Miss Trunchbull- Matilda

Photo by Joan Marcus

It might not be The White House, but Agatha Trunchbull murdered, stole and lied to secure a fancy address that didn’t belong to her either.

5. Anyone in Chicago

Chicago- Cast- House of Cards

Photo by Jeremy Daniel/ Bruce Glikas

Literally the whole lot of them (Roxie, Billy, Mama and Velma) are liars, cheats and killers who are only out for themselves. In fact, maybe the Frank and Claire Underwood could learn some razzling dazzling tricks from these cons.