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Meet Your New Crush: Bronx Bombers Yankee John Wernke

February 24th, 2014 by

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Meet Your New Crush: Bronx Bombers Yankee John Wernke

In a room filled with New York Yankees, John Wernke manages to stand out from the pack. Hearts flutter for Wernke as he takes on baseball great Lou Gehrig in the new Yankees play Bronx Bombers. We caught up with the Broadway player between innings to learn about his real-life sports interest, celebrity crush and more. Get to know the charming Wernke below, and don't miss him knocking it out of the park in Bronx Bombers at Circle in the Square Theatre through March 2.

1. The sport I truly excel in is
The sport I was best in was football—offensive tackle and defensive end. However, I really disliked playing. I loved playing baseball, and my favorite position was catcher.

2. The most interesting thing I learned about Lou Gehrig is
That he had a compulsion for picking up hairpins on his long walks. He would come in for the evening, discard his change and empty his pockets full of hairpins. Jonathan Eig, who wrote a great book about Lou called Luckiest Man: The Life and Death of Lou Gehrig, told me that in our correspondence.

3. The book that most affected me is
East of Eden or Love In The Time of Cholera. Both made me weep at the beauty of our lives and the games we manifest within those individual lives.

4. The meal I can cook the best is
Peanut butter and jelly with a chocolate milkshake.

5. When I was younger, my dream was to be
A doctor/pilot. I would have a residency in the states and fly to those in need wherever that may be.

6. My celebrity crush is
Sally Hawkins. IN LOVE with that woman. She is just so vibrant, smart and wonderful to watch. Not to mention, in my dreams, we are a good match. If you haven't seen Happy Go Lucky go see it now!

7. The first time I saw myself in a Yankees uniform, I thought
Man, I am lucky. You know Lou's number was retired (he is the only Yankee ever to wear the number as players used to play with no numbers). The only people who have worn it—that have been sanctioned by the Yankees to make money in it—have been...Lou Gehrig, Gary Cooper and this John Wernke fella.

8. Three guests at my ultimate dream dinner party would be
My mother Mary Jane Wernke, Mahatma Gandhi and Sally Hawkins. Ha ha.

9. The TV show I can watch for hours on end is
Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe. God I love that show and was devastated it was cancelled.

10. The song that can always get me to dance is
In The New Year” by The Walkmen.