Eight Reasons You'll Love Broadway's Violet

Last updated April 22nd, 2014 by Josh Ferri
Eight Reasons You'll Love Broadway's Violet

Broadway is buzzing about Roundabout Theatre Company's critically acclaimed production of Violet, but you’re still not sure if it’s the show for you. Yes, it stars two-time Tony winner Sutton Foster and singing, charming hunks Joshua Henry and Colin Donnell. And sure, you want to see the heartwarming tale of a physically scarred young woman who goes on a long journey to be healed, but ends up with an emotional healing instead of a physical one. But maybe you just need an extra push. Well, today’s your lucky day: here's eight reasons (through animated GIF, of course!) why you really can't miss this limited production.

1. Sutton Foster on Broadway, belting Jeanine Tesori and Brian Crawley’s catchy, Broadgrass [Broadway and bluegrass] score.

Sutton Foster- Violet- Broadway- GIF- Colin

Sutton Foster- Violet- Broadway- GIF-Hair Toss
And it's the closest you'll get to seeing Sutton do Glinda's "toss toss"

2. Joshua Henry and Colin Donnell play these competitive army buddies, and you are so torn as to who to crush on more. It’s a 105-minute ebb and flow of crushing.

Violet- Broadway- GIF- Colin Donnell - Joshua Henry

3. Because Colin Donnell breaks out this signature dance move. Yeah…

Violet- Broadway- GIF- Colin Donnell- Dancing

4. Young Violet, Emerson Steele is such a find. She’s radiant and her voice soars. Then when she sings with Sutton, it’s magic.

Violet- Broadway- GIF- Emerson Steele

5. There’s a great romance between the gorgeous solider Monty and the insecure Violet.

Violet- Broadway- GIF- Sutton Foster-Colin Donnell- Slow Dancing

Violet- Broadway- GIF- Sutton Foster-Colin Donnell- Kiss

6. But wait, it’s actually a great love triangle between Violet, Monty and his fellow solider Flick, a passionate African American solider traveling through the South in the early 1960s.

Violet- Broadway- GIF- Sutton Foster- Josh Henry- Colin Donnell

7. The vocals in this show don’t quit. If you are fans of Singing with a capital S, then make a date with Violet. Shout-outs especially for Josh Henry’s “Let It Sing” and Rema Webb’s “Raise Me Up.”

Violet- Broadway- GIF

8. And once again, you don't want to miss Sutton Foster in what The New York Times calls “ a career-redefining performance.”

Sutton Foster- Violet- Broadway- GIF-

Violet runs at Broadway's American Airlines Theatre through August 10.