Britton Smith Takes Fans Through All His Be More Chill Characters & Costumes, From Jake to Rashidra to Prince

Last updated April 25th, 2019 by Britton Smith
Britton Smith Takes Fans Through All His Be More Chill Char…

Britton Smith is the most popular guy in school over at Broadway's Be More Chill

. The young actor, who previously appeared on Broadway in Shuffle Along and After Midnight, plays high school athlete and heartthrob Jake Dillinger and a variety of other memorable characters in the new Joe Iconis musical at the Lyceum Theatre.

Scroll on as Britton shares with us each of his Bobby Frederick Tilley II-designed looks in the show.

Jake & His Jersey

Britton Smith-Be More Chill-Broadway-Musical-Jake

It makes me feel proud on many levels to have my character introduced in this particular costume. It was important to me that Jake be seen and heard as more than the black, tall, athletic stereotype. This Jersey honors one of the most impactful black athletes of our time and I make sure to point out this homage as often as I can.

Jake The Pick-Up Artist

Britton Smith-Be More Chill-Broadway-Musical-Jake

The vibrancy and athleticism of this costume make me feel ready to get the girl out of play rehearsal and onto the bleachers.

Britton Smith Stephanie Hsu Jake Be More Chill GIF

It’s From Japan

Britton Smith-Be More Chill-Broadway-Musical-Squip

My “Squip Song” costume feels like sweat and anxiety because it requires incredible focus and precision. It helps you to be cool though, so I wear it.

Mall Cop Realness

Britton Smith-Be More Chill-Broadway-Musical-Mall Cop

In the mall scene, I get to honor my comedic inspirations (Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, and Will Smith) with my dramatic portrayal of Clarence, fifth generation mall cop.

Britton Smith-Be More Chill-Broadway-Musical-Mall Cop GIF

It’s Prince Jake's Party

Britton Smith-Be More Chill-Broadway-Musical-Prince

A purple custom-made jacket makes anyone feel powerful. At the top of Act 2, it’s my party and I smile if I want to—in this Prince get up.

Let’s Hear it For Rashidra

Britton Smith-Be More Chill-Broadway-Musical-Smart Phone Hour

Hey Everybody, have you heard?... Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure and honor to introduce to you Rashidra Michaels.

Britton Smith  Be More Chill Smart Phone Hour GIF

Don't miss Britton Smith in Be More Chill at Broadway's Lyceum Theatre.