Blue-Collar Broadway: Five Shows Celebrating The Working Man

Last updated October 14th, 2014 by Josh Ferri
Blue-Collar Broadway: Five Shows Celebrating The Working Man

Hard Four Productions makes their New York stage debut with the off-Broadway play Money Grubbin’ Whores, a dark comedy about a divorce set in a North Jersey pizza parlor. Hard Four was founded by director/comedian Brian Cichocki and union-electrician-turned-playwright Sean Quinn with the sole purpose to present the stories of working-class America—the divorcee in Money Grubbin’ Whores is a union guy from New York.

Money Grubbin' Whore - Off-Broadway
Photo by Zack DeZon

And while Hard Four Productions leads the charge for blue-collar Broadway (Money Grubbin’ Whores runs at the Lion Theatre through October 19), it’s one of many shows right now spotlighting the journey of the world’s working-class. Below, we highlight four current Broadway musicals about working-class individuals in France, Ireland and the UK.

Once, Jacobs Theatre

An Irish vacuum repair man and a Czech beauty recruit a banker, a piano salesman and others to create beautiful music.

The Last Ship, Neil Simon Theatre

Sting's new musical is all about a working-class town of shipyard workers in Newcastle who are suddenly forced to build their final ship.

Les Miserables, Imperial Theatre

Not only are they working, but they are miserable. Les Miz has factory workers, soldiers, tavern owners, police men and French ladies of the oldest profession.

Kinky Boots, Al Hirschfeld Theatre

A British shoe factory owner and a fabulous London drag queen team up to create kinky boots and heels for men.