Drew Droege Takes On Seven Questions About Bright Colors And Bold Patterns, Palm Springs, Michael Urie, and Comedy Influences

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Drew Droege Takes On Seven Questions About Bright Colors An…

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Comedian and creator Drew Droege returns to New York by popular demand with his acclaimed, LOL, must-see solo play Bright Colors And Bold Patterns

. Drew plays Gerry, a flamboyant, drunken LAist struggling to find happiness at a Palm Springs wedding that aims to moderate its guests.

Scroll on as BroadwayBox talks to Drew about creating this piece and others, his comedy influences, and more.

1. This performance takes so much energy from you. What’s your pre-show like?
I try to get into costume right at half-hour. Those tight pink shorts really punish my body in the best of ways and get me into Gerry's frantic head space. Then I jump around a lot and try to forget everything so it's all new again.

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2. What’s your favorite memory in Palm Springs?
About 15 years ago, my buddy James and I went out to see our friend Sarah, who had a house out there, and we discovered Toucan's Tiki Lounge. It was a trashtastic glamorama wonderland with the sweetest slutiest clientele. The go-go boys and drag queens and chicken hawks and drink prices were all trapped in a magical time, and it is to this day my favorite gay bar. I give it a shoutout in the show.

3. What movie do you quote effortlessly in conversation? Do you have a go-to?
Female Trouble and Serial Mom—they are brilliant films that both should have won Oscars for John Waters.

4. Is there a time you and your director, Michael Urie, laughed until you cried?
Many times! My favorite memory from last year was after a show when there was a bomb threat and the streets were blocked and subway shut down, so we had to ride bikes. Michael rides a bike every day. Drew hasn't ridden a bike since 5th grade. And I had just done the show and had two whiskeys and a puff of delicious green. I wobbled and weaved and couldn't stop laughing at what a helpless victim I was. Michael was tremendously patient and encouraging though. But I'm sure he was howling inside.

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5. You’ve made a career of creating for yourself. What’s the biggest reward and challenge in that?
The hardest part at first is being broke and not fitting into anything. No one was writing these dream parts for me, and why would they? I realized I had to do it, and in doing that I gained a lot of self-respect and control over my career. The challenge is that I still have to generate my own work this way, but I love the struggle because it just makes me go deeper creatively.

6. What movie or TV show most influenced your humor growing up?
I loved The Carol Burnett Show, SNL, In Living Color, The Kids In The Hall. And so many movies—but the big ones were 9 to 5, Romancing The Stone, Clue, Ruthless People.

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7. What do you think happens to Gerry? Was this a game-changing weekend or does his life go back to usual after?
I don't want to spoil it, but I think he is definitely changed after this crazy night. He arrives to party and hold court, but surprises himself when the walls come crashing down. He realizes that he's in pain and that he's going to be okay.

Don't miss Drew Droege in the hilarious Bright Colors And Bold Patterns at off-Broadway's SoHo Playhouse through January 7, 2018.