Watch On the Town’s Tony Yazbeck Bring a Movie-Musical To Life on the Streets of NYC

Last updated May 28th, 2015 by Josh Ferri
Watch On the Town’s Tony Yazbeck Bring a Movie-Musical To L…

At this point in the season, it’s almost like, ‘What can’t Tony Yazbeck do?’ The Tony-nominated leading man of On the Town can sing like a park-and-barker, he can dance like Gene Kelly, and he can act so well he’s had lead roles in big Broadway revivals of two of the greatest book musicals of all time (Gypsy and A Chorus Line). Now, Tony Yazbeck brings it to a whole ‘nother level as he makes a movie-musical moment come to life with this video of “Lucky to Be Me” shot entirely on the streets of New York City.

Below, Yazbeck shares with us what it was like filming this epic Broadway video, and then BroadwayBox shares the 25 reactions/thoughts that sprung to mind while watching “Lucky to Be Me”

"I've always imagined living in a modern day movie musical. Believe it or not, I even used to dream there were a set of speakers on every New York street corner serenading pedestrians and making their morning commute a little bit brighter. I think this song "Lucky To Be Me" might be what Gene Kelly would sing if, after he kissed Debbie Reynolds in Singin' in the Rain, the sun shined brightly instead of rain. If I was Gene in that moment, I would sing and dance "Lucky To Be Me" all over Manhattan, partnering and celebrating with every passerby I encountered.

I was really grateful to spread some good old fashioned cheer during this two day shoot with the stellar director Mark Rosenberg. Most of my fellow New Yorkers were very welcoming. Some wanted to sing and dance with me. All of them brightened my day. I hope I brightened their day too!"
—Not even a second in and we opened with Tony Yazbeck sliding down a banister. I’ve been won over already.
Tony Yazbeck GIF- On the Town-

— What are New Yorkers thinking as he walks by? Was there sound, or was he just moving his mouth like a crazy person? And what gets less attention in NYC, a person muttering to himself or blaring a showtune? He’s getting some looks… — Just twirling in Central Park, as one does. (:25)
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— Yas! Get it with that big “And Now” at (:27)
— Just look at him dancing around the city
Tony Yazbeck GIF- On the Town-

— Heart just melted: Yazbeck, cherry blossoms, the High Line. It should be a Facebook cover photo.
Tony Yazbeck- The High Line- New York

— Bless the lady who appears at (:52) who is on the phone, moguling, going places and all she can muster is a hand wave to a singing, dancing Tony Yazbeck.
— Wow, one subway performance you actually want to see
— Beaming watching him dance outside The Village Vanguard.
Tony Yazbeck GIF- On the Town-

— Hey look, he’s back to the lion like in the “New York, New York” video (1:14).
— Gosh, he’s handsome. A true matinee idol for 2015>
— This is like an ad for New York. I’d want to visit after watching this. The city looks so sunny, and clean and pretty.
— Am I the only one getting a total West Side Story flavor with the dancing and the graffiti at (1:41)?!?
Tony Yazbeck GIF- On the Town- West side story

— And now here’s “Put on a Happy Face” from Bye Bye Birdie.
Tony Yazbeck GIF- On the Town- Bye Bye Birdie

— Living for all these moments…
Tony Yazbeck GIF- On the Town- Moses Supposes

Tony Yazbeck GIF- On the Town-

— Whoa, that spin! (2:08)
Tony Yazbeck GIF- On the Town-Central park

— Oh hey ladies of On the Town. Fancy seeing you here. (2:13)
— OMG a Singin’ in the Rain moment. Legendary!
Tony Yazbeck GIF- On the Town- Singin in the Rain

— Imma need a side by side with Gene Kelly.
Tony Yazbeck- Singin in the Rain

— The vocals are so strong but never over powering. Quite impressive.
— I can’t with this girl pushing her friends away (2:31). It’s Tony Yazbeck, Missy.
— Ah, but there he gets a hug. She gets it.
— If this were a movie musical on Netflix, I’d give it a five star rating.
Tony Yazbeck- On the town- five stars

— #ThosePantsThough (2:44)
— And then just blending back in the crowd, NBD.
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Press repeat on the video a few times and then see Tony Yazbeck and the whole gang over in On the Town at Broadway’s Lyric Theatre.