10 Contemporary Musical Theatre Songs You Should Be Listening To & Adding to Your Audition Book in 2018

Last updated March 29th, 2018 by Laura Josepher
10 Contemporary Musical Theatre Songs You Should Be Listeni…

Is your audition book boring even to you? Are you too busy to try to find something new to sing? Don’t despair! I’m Laura Josepher and, along with my business partner David Sisco, I run ContemporaryMusicalTheatre.com, the largest online database of contemporary musical theatre writers and songs. We represent over 180 writers and almost 600 songs, all searchable by voice and song type. So we have LOTS of suggestions for brilliant, underperformed songs from writers you need to know that will help you stand out in the crowd. Here are 10 amazing contemporary musical theatre songs ready for you to discover:

"Pieces of Them" (Performed by Jeremy Morse)

Music & Lyrics by: Mike Pettry
This is a great pop rock uptempo for a belt tenor or Broadway baritone by Mike Pettry, a new writer to our site. It’s about a kid reconciling his estranged relationship to his parents.

"All The Things That You’re Not" (Performed by Britney Coleman)

Music by: Anna Dagmar. Lyrics by: Kevin Wanzor
Are you a mezzo with sass searching for a jazzy comedic uptempo? Check out Anna Dagmar and Kevin Wanzor’s standard for a girl who has high standards.

"It’s Just Not My Thing" (Performed by Natalie Janowski)

Music by: Nicky Phillips. Lyrics by: Sarah Ziegeler
We love this funny song perfect for a teen girl expressing her frustration as she hunts for her true passion in life.

"Northern Lights" (Performed by Amy Justman)

Music by: David Sisco. Lyrics by: Tom Gualtieri
Written by by brilliant business partner, David Sisco and his equally brilliant collaborator, Tom Gualtieri, this beautiful ballad for a legit soprano is about a woman reflecting on her past loves and discovering that she’s ready to love again.

"London Morning" (Performed by Chris Higgins)

Music by: Divya Maus. Lyrics by: Richard Hanson
We love the singer/songwriter vibe (and the gorgeous melody in the chorus) of this energetic up-tempo song about starting life anew. It’s perfect for a pop tenor.

"I Cried" (Performed by Laura Osnes & Erin Mackey)

Music & Lyrics by: Leslie Becker
A country music show tune? Yes indeed! This pop country tune by Leslie Becker is ready for wailing for interested mezzo belters.

"In Winter Air" (Performed by Chris Dwan)

Music & Lyrics by: Ben Bonnema
We were thrilled to get to hear Chris Dwan sing this stirring Ben Bonnema song live at our Fifth Anniversary concert a few weeks back. Such a stunningly simple song about discovering new love.

"If You Were Mine" (Performed by Dawn Cantwell)

Music & Lyrics by: David Eric Davis
This song is also new to our site and is a great uptempo pop/rock love song for a belt mezzo who is finally confessing her true feelings.

"Last Summer" (Performed by Jason "SweetTooth" Williams)

Music & Lyrics by: Gregory Jacobs-Roseman
In this story song, a man attempts to reflect on the fun summer he had before he got into his last relationship, which ended in heartbreak less than a year later.

"Melt Away With You" (Performed by Shayna Steele)

Music by: Kenneth Kacmar. Lyrics by: Joe Miloscia
Are you a high belt/mixer looking for something sexy and sultry to sing? Look no more. Check out this meaty power ballad.

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