10 Broadway Debuts from 2018 That Slayed The House Down

Last updated December 24th, 2018 by Josh Ferri
10 Broadway Debuts from 2018 That Slayed The House Down

These 10 actors gave sensational Broadway debuts this year. Let's give it up for the first-timers (presented alphabetically)!

Samantha Barks (Vivian in Pretty Woman)

Pretty Woman GIF- Broadway Musical-Andy Karl GIF- Samantha Barks GIF-Box

The West End actress, who stole our hearts as Eponine in the Les Miserables film, is magnetic as Vivian in Pretty Woman. She has a tough task of putting a fresh spin on this iconic Julia Roberts character, and she nails it.

Anthony Boyle (Scorpius Malfoy in Harry Potter and The Cursed Child)

Anthony Boyle Scorpius Malfoy Gif- Cursed Child

Anthony Boyle reprised his Olivier Award-winning performance for Broadway and received a Tony nomination. He is the heart of this Harry Potter tale, and the character he’s created is as memorable and lovable as any that appeared in the first seven books.

Josh Charles (Jake in Straight White Men)

Josh Charles GIF Straight White Men Broadway

Hard to believe this was Josh Charles’ debut! The Emmy nominee’s performance as the most unlikable of the straight white men was something to be seen. He walked away with that show.

Paddy Considine (Quinn Carney in The Ferryman)

Paddy Considine Quinn Carney The Ferryman GIF- Broadway

For his debut, Paddy Considine has the mammoth task of carrying this epic drama, and his performance is nothing short of astonishing. Quinn has to be so many things all at once, and Paddy makes it look so natural. Just stunning.

Micaela Diamond (Babe in The Cher Show)

Micaela Diamond Cher Show Broadway GIF

The youngest Cher in The Cher Show, Micaela is as undeniable a star talent as the real young Cher. When she kicks to her face crossing the stage during “The Beat Goes On”, I nearly did a death drop.

Denise Gough (Harper Pitt in Angels in America)

Denise Gough Harper Pitt Angels in America Broadway GIF

The two-time Olivier winner made her debut reprising her Olivier-winning performance as Harper, and we were lucky to witness it. She erased the memory of Mary-Louise Parker’s Emmy and Golden Globe-winning performance in that role, and I thought that would be impossible to do.

Harry Hadden-Paton (Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady)

Harry Hadden-Paton Lauren Ambrose My Fair Lady GIF

Harry reinvents this character that could easily be stody or misogynistic. This new Henry Higgins is dashing and spoiled and just clueless to the world around him, and that’s such a stronger choice.

Joshua Jackson & Lauren Ridloff (James Leeds & Sarah Norman in Children of a Lesser God)

Lauren Ridloff Joshua Jackson Children of a Lessor God Broadway GIF

These two get a double bill because I can’t imagine one without the other. Both these performances were truly spectacular (Josh learning sign langue for the role & Lauren delivering a break-out Tony-nominated performance). It’s a shame the revival didn’t last longer so more people could experience their work.

Bonnie Milligan (Princess Pamela in Head Over Heels)

Bonnie Milligan Head Over Heels GIF- Broadway Musical

How much more can we gush over the talents of Bonnie Milligan?!? A voice you can’t forget and comedic timing you can’t learn, this young woman is a force. I can’t wait to see where she lands next.

Ben Schnetzer (Dylan Spokes in The Nap)

Ben Schnetzer The Nap Broadway GIF

For his debut, Ben had to nail farce-like comedy and learn snooker at a professional level. He was the protagonist in a comedy filled with unlikable characters, so the audience had to root for him to make the show work. Luckily, it was impossible not to like and be charmed by his Dylan Spokes.