Record Breaker: Beautiful Star Jake Epstein Talks Goffin, King, Spidey & the Fonz

Last updated April 3rd, 2014 by Josh Ferri
Record Breaker: Beautiful Star Jake Epstein Talks Goffin, K…

On Broadway, Jake Epstein has gone from swinging between tall buildings to making beautiful music up on the roof. The Canadian actor and musician (known to a legion of fans as Craig Manning in Degrassi: The Next Generation) is starring alongside Jessie Mueller as Gerry Goffin, Carole King’s husband and writing partner, in the hit musical Beautiful. And if you like bad boys or scoundrels, you’ll love his leather-jacket-clad, sweet sounding Goffin. BroadwayBox caught up with Epstein for seven questions about music, Mueller, Manning & legendary greasers.

1. Best Goffin and King song to start the day
“I’m Into Something Good.” I dare you not to smile!

2. Song Jessie Mueller sings in the show that I wish I could have a crack at
I'd love to take a crack at “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.” Gorgeous tune.

3. Meeting Gerry Goffin, all I could think was
... I hope he likes who they cast to play him in the show!

Gerry and Jake
Photo by Bruce Glikas

4. The Beautiful co-star I would start a song-writing duo with, and our first single would be called
I'm in an on-again/off-again band with Jeb Brown, who plays Donnie Kirshner. Our group is currently called Acid Reflux but we're open to name suggestions. Our first single would be called “After Half Hour Call.”

Acid reflux

5. What Goffin and King songs would Spider-Man and Craig Manning have on their iPhones?
Ha! Great question! Spider-Man would obviously have “Up On The Roof.” Craig would listen and love the words to “Pleasant Valley Sunday.”

Jake Photos

6. Best Goffin and King song to have in the background during strip poker?
“Natural Woman”?

7. Who’s the cooler greaser: Danny Zuko or Fonzie
Tough question. Gonna have to go with Fonzie... you know, cause he's Fonzie!

Fonzie GIF

Check out Jake Epstein giving bad boys a good name in Beautiful at Broadway's Stephen Sondheim Theatre.