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15 Incredible Covers of Pasek & Paul's Golden Globe-Winning Greatest Showman Anthem "This Is Me"

Last updated January 8th, 2018 by Josh Ferri
15 Incredible Covers of Pasek & Paul's Golden Globe-Winning…

Tony Award and Oscar winners Benj Pasek and Justin Paul picked up their second Golden Globe last night (yes, that's back-to-back Globe wins!) for The Greatest Showman anthem "This Is Me", fiercely and emotionally performed in the film by Tony-nominated goddess Keala Settle.

While Keala is queen—as the video above confirms—the lyrics of the song touch a lot of people and inspire so many moving covers. BroadwayBox dug deep on YouTube to find 15 beautiful performances of the Golden Globe-winning tune. Scroll on to feel the power and strength of "This Is Me".

Daniela Renee

I would buy this as a single. This simple acoustic arrangement is just stunning and her voice destroys me. Beautiful!

7th Ave ft. Emoni

Ok, Emoni Wilkins with those vocals. I see you. What an all around beautiful, life-affirming 4 minutes. I'm still not over that ending.

Hector Candia

This star in the making from Paraguay delivers possibly my favorite on this list. He slays everything about this: the vocals, the piano, the emotion. I'm deceased.

Nochum Levitan

This PSE (Pidgin Signed English) interpretation is so passionate. Feels like a rallying cry, and I'm obsessed.

Danyelle Reed

A-C-T-I-N-G. If you are looking to hear and feel every single lyric, here ya go.


Austrian singer and drag artist delivered a killer performance this year at Germany’s biggest New Years’ celebration, and it feels like a celebration of being unique.

Laura Dickinson

Vocals for days here. Her voice gives me a Lena Hall feel and it works for this song. I'm officially a new fan and need to watch a dozen of her different YouTube videos next.

Abe Parker

I am truly a sucker for a good acoustic cover, and Abe nails it.

Twist and Pulse Dance Choreography

These guys are expressing themselves through movement and it's just as powerful.

Daniel Assetta

This Australian stage star is serving it at 100, and it's everything.

Bea Duarte on ukulele

Simple and fantastic. She has such a cool voice that really matches the arrangement. A real joy from start to finish.

Maggie Scott

Not gonna lie, I'm inspired by her youth and the production quality of this music video.

British Flash Mob

This video makes a case for bringing back flash mobs; that was just delightful. The video is called "Covent Garden comes alive" and that's truly how it feels, like a movement coming to life.

Danielle Simone

I'm a big fan of Danielle's voice in this short and sweet abridged cover. She only needs 90 seconds to get the job done.

Cooper and Emma Carr's "This Is Me"/"You Will Be Found" Mashup

If you think your heart can handle a stunning mashup of "This Is Me" with the big Evan Hansen Act 1 finale, then more power to ya. I'll have this on repeat for the rest of the week, and so will you.

UPDATE BONUS: Michael Korte's Girl Power Cover

How could we not include the latest creation from Michael Korte (the wizard behind #Ham4Bey & #Gaga4Rent)?! It came out after the article went live, but COME ON!