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Eight Epic Performances of "Think of Me" from The Phantom of the Opera

Last updated January 11th, 2018 by BroadwayBox Staff
Eight Epic Performances of "Think of Me" from The Phantom o…

As Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera

inches toward its 30th Broadway birthday, BroadwayBox spirals into the iconic score. We've already discussed the magic of a "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" in detail, and now we turn our attention to Christine's first number "Think of Me". Here are eight performance that made us shout "bravo!" as if we were doing Raoul cosplay. (Also, we didn't include any Broadway bootlegs here 'cause that's a never ending journey and a different kettle of fish all together.)

Sarah Brightman in Concert

How is this the only non-bootleg footage of the OG Christine doing her iconic thing with the number?! No one thought in the late ‘80s or ‘90s to record her properly in costume or something? It’s a shame because the whole ordeal is so epic in her voice! Equal parts effortless and stunning.

Sierra Boggess at Phantom’s 25th Anniversary London Concert

It’s easy to see why Sierra is considered by many as one of the greatest performers of Christine ever. Perfection from start to finish.

Emmy Rossum in the Film Adaptation

The Phantom movies deserves more respect, TBQH. Sure the ghost filter on her is giving Epilogue Fantine realness, but Emmy’s performance is so beautiful and understated. It’s so believable that she was a chorus girl who is having her big break in this moment.

Lea Salonga in Concert

What a treat to hear the Tony-winning Once On This Island star put her crystal clear vocals on this classic. Get ready for that “put you from my mind” around 1:30. Shame it cuts off before the big ending.

Stephanie J. Block in Concert

So rarely do we get this legit side from the big Broadway belter and two-time Tony nominee. So beautiful, then that ending—Yas, Ma’am!

Lisa-Anne Wood in West End in Concert

I was unfamiliar with the West End actress before this clip but now I am obsessed. She nails the whole number—she has a beautiful voice—but the ending (beginning around 2:50) made me gasp.

Sohyun Kim on Korean Televison

You don’t need to speak Korean to understand the beauty and skill of this performance.

Ali Ewoldt at Carnegie Hall

I adore this performance from the current 30th anniversary Christine. She brings the lyrics to life while remaining a technical joy. See her slay this number live on Broadway at the Majestic Theatre.