Go In the Closet with Stephanie Gibson as She Shares Her Magical Cinderella Gowns

Last updated March 20th, 2014 by Josh Ferri
Go In the Closet with Stephanie Gibson as She Shares Her Ma…

Stephanie Gibson is giving a hilarious, break-out performance as Gabrielle, the sweeter and smarter of Ella’s two stepsisters, in the Tony-winning musical Cinderella. An eye-catching dancer, Gibson began in the ensemble of the lush Rodgers and Hammerstein musical when it opened last year.

Stephanie Gibson - GIF- Cinderella
Gibson busts a move for Broadway.com's Gotta Dance! shoot
Stephanie Gibson - GIF- Cinderella-2

Stephanie Gibson - GIF- Cinderella

Soon, Gibson was elevated into the featured role of Gabrielle, along with new stars Grammy nominee Carly Rae Jepsen as Ella and Emmy nominee Fran Drescher as the stepmother Madame. Below, Gibson invites us into Gabrielle’s wardrobe as she shares the magic and whimsy of William Ivey Long’s Tony-winning costumes.

"Mastermind William Ivey Long designed some pretty unforgettable costumes for Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella. From the gorgeous colorful ball gowns, to the remarkable tree giant and most notable being Cinderella's magical dress transformations, earning him a well deserved Tony Award…but I’m super excited to show y’all the fabulous and sassy costume journey of stepsister Gabrielle!"

This look is what we call ‘The Shopping Dress.’


“It's what I'm wearing at the top of the show when you first meet Gabrielle. I love the playful quality of all of my dresses. Fran calls me ‘Hips’ in this one; I can’t imagine why :)”

This is my ball gown. Each woman going to the ball must wear a mask to disguise herself from the prince. I’m obsessed with how hilarious this whole look is.


“From the Pretzel Head, to the crazy mask, to this incredible dress that looks like dessert. Very ding dong chic— perfect for my character.”

I thought we needed to take a moment to really take a gander at Pretzel Head—the true essence of Gabrielle before she transforms later on. So ridiculous and brilliant.


This is my banquet dress. Complete Cupcake Lady dress.


“I’m obsessed with this one. I love how each look tops the one before it in size, fun, and overall ‘pinkness.’”

This is definitely my favorite look. It’s called ‘The Simple Dress.’


“This is when Gabrielle truly lets her hair down and transforms into who she really wants to be. Also...this dress feels like pajamas after all those giant ball gowns!”

And here is my final wedding look for the end of the show!


“Love that this dress is so incredibly gorgeous but still has a bit of silly flair :)”

See Stephanie Gibson and co-stars Carly Rae Jepsen & Fran Drescher in the Tony-winning musical Cinderella at the Broadway Theatre.